Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oval Light Over Killeen, Texas - 9/9/2012

An observer in Killeen, Texas reported to MUFON of having witnessed a light traveling across the sky on September 9, 2012, early morning.

This report is as is, with no corrections.

MUFON Case # 42539
Date of Sighting: 09/09/2012
Time of Sighting: 06:47 a.m.
Location: Killeen, Texas
Sighting Duration: 00:01:00
Object Flight Path: Straight-line path
Object Shape:     Oval
Summary: Solid Oval Light

As I was watching the weather report and gathering the trash in the house (as it was trash day) I was about to leave for work. So I went outside to take the trashcan to the street. I had been monitoring the phases of the moon for the past few mornings just because, and noticed the position of Venus. As I was heading in the house to get my things to go to work, I was glancing up curious about the direction of cloud movement because i had noticed for a brief moment it seemed that the clouds were moving due to a light in the sky , which I figured was a star. So I looked straight up and thought the clouds were moving fairly quickly but wasn't sure how fast. So I stuck my thumb up in the air to make a non-moveable reference point to see how fast they were moving and noticed it wasn't the clouds moving at all. It was the light I had seen briefly that I thought was just a star. But upon a closer look it was brighter than the star and even the planet Venus. I ran inside as quickly as possible to get my Ipad as it was the nearest camera accessible camera at the time and started filming. I didn't hear any sound or see any beacon lights (red) as I normally do when I see a plane. I live by the airport and hear and see planes, of all types, all the time. Especially when its dark, during one of my sky observation times. I didn't notice anything else as I was filming and was trying to make sense of what it COULD be. After the experience, I went to work and shared the video with a few others. One thing I did notice tonight, as I am sitting here typing and reviewing the video, is that the sky seems to be brighter than it actually appeared outside this morning. I don't know if that is due to the camera capturing more light than the human eye sees or what. I also noticed a blinking light at the beginning of the video that I didn't notice when I started to actually record the footage or when I was sharing the video with coworkers. The light started in the south to southwest and moved in a straight path to the north, northeast. Once again, I didn't notice any sound. I'm still not sure what it was, but I think its worth sharing. My feelings about seeing this was one of excitement and nervousness.

[No video was provided.]


Editor's Note:  Could this have been simply a sighting of the International Space Station (ISS), or was it something else? 
When you observe a bright light traveling across the sky, one possible way to identify it, or to rule it out, is to check with NASA:

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