Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vacationers Observe Bright Orange Objects Over La Follette, Tennessee

Original photo
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"Light Levels"
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I received an email from a witness, who while vacationing in La Follette, Tennessee, saw bright orange lights in the night sky.

The previous evening, friends staying at the same vacation home saw the same (or similar) lights.  One of the friends provided the original photo.

I enlarged and cropped the original photo. I then enhanced the image to see more of the object.

My thanks to the witnesses, for the report and photo. -Sunny

La Follette, Tennessee
July 13, 14, 2012

[Originally reported 7/15/2012]

I witnessed bright orange objects traveling in a meandering fashion across the sky. Sometimes the would stop and hover.  I could not hear engine noise.  I had three separate sightings within a 15 minute period at approximately 11:00 PM on July 14th, 2012.  A friend saw an object like this in the same location the night of July 13th.  She took a photograph.  I did not know of her sighting until I told her family about my sighting this morning.

My sightings:  I saw the first object traverse the sky in a meandering and sometimes zig-zag fashion.  It disappeared - I assume in the clouds.  Less than five minutes later I saw the object, or one just like it, appear and travel the same trajectory.  Both objects stopped and hovered at times.  The were very bright orange.  The second object appeared to ascend straight up very rapidly and in a few seconds it appeared like a pinpoint before disappearing entirely.  A few minutes later, two of the bright orange objects appeared together - again traveling the same trajectory.  They did not fly in a pattern uniform with each other.  They appeared to move closer and then farther away from each other.  At times they hovered simultaneously, and at times one hovered while the other meandered.  One disappeared in the manner similar to the first object I saw, and one disappeared in the manner as the second object I saw.

When the objects switched direction, there was no arc to their pathway.  Their motion was similar to that if a yo yo.

I was staying at my sister's vacation lake home.  The friend who took the picture on July 13th was also staying in my sister's vacation home.  She was with two other friends who also saw the objects.

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]


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