Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Frenchtown, New Jersy UFO Sighting- 8/14/2012

Artist rendering courtesy of Ken Pfeifer, World UFO Photos.




I was driving along a desolate and completely dark country road that has cornfields and farms on either side. As I am about 2 miles from home I see to the left, above cornfield, a green light which then moved and I could see two other lights connected with it, all three different colors (I think copper/red and white)forming a horizontal line. The object was moving about in a sinister fashion that resembled an insect but with more precision. It had animation, and moved about with a concious quality. My first thought was it was a remote controlled toy plane, but its movements were so bizarre I changed my mind. I stopped my car on the side of road to look closer and another one appeared. Identical to the first. I could not make out anything other than the lights.  It was pitch black on the road and there was nothing to illuminate the actual object. I could see that the three lights were part of one piece, moving together. The two objects seemed to be communicating and/or following each other and were hovering and moving very low to the ground, about the height of a medium sized tree. I decided to pull away and as I did, both objects were visible in my rear view mirror. They came over from the cornfield and were now hovering over the road, as if watching me drive away. They quickly disappeared back over onto the cornfield.

NOTE: The above image is a rendering.
This case is under investigation by Ken Pfeifer of MUFON, New Jersey.

Source: Ken Pfeifer, WORLD UFO PHOTOS



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