Monday, August 27, 2012

Security Officer Observes Lights In Sky Near Canyon Lake, Texas

Canyon Lake/Sattler, Texas.
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Courtesy Google Maps.

I received an email from a security officer near Canyon Lake, who observed unusual lights in the sky, on or about August 5, 2012.

Here is that report, as is, with no corrections.

Location: Sattler, Texas - Canyon Lake Area.
Source: Emailed report to LITS
Date: On or about August 5, 2012
Time: 5:17 a.m.
Shape/colors: Orb, white and neon lavender
Summary: Lights near Canyon Lake

Hello, Sunny. I work nights, as a  resort security guard, south of you at Canyon Lake. About 3 weeks ago at 5:17am, I witnessed two flying orbs. It was predawn, and I was outside looking at Venus. Very low thin clouds were at somewhere from 1800 yards to 5000 yards up. I regularly watch big planes on landing approach to San Antonio, in this area of sky. Without a sound, this soft white orb appeared, directly in that flight path, but heading the opposite direction. A much brighter and focused spot light appeared from under the orb, pointed to the left, onto the top of a thin cloud. As the orb moved away, the spot made a short sweep and then went out. The white orb, still moving, then disappeared. 1 second later, a second orb appeared. It was at the same spot where the first orb illuminated, but just to the right of that spot. It was also a soft glow, but the color was a neon lavender. It traveled parallel to the path of the first orb, but when it reached the spot where the first light went out; it made an impossible, smooth right turn and vanished. This entire event took about 5 seconds. If I had not been looking exactly at that spot, I would have missed it.

In addition, the witness further explained that he was facing Northeast during the sighting, adding:
It is a canyon and valley, leading down to the guadelupe river, on River Road. Sattler, Tx is a mile away. My best, well thought out guess is this. Those two orb/lights would be larger than a house, and traveling at jet aircraft speeds. Pretty neat to see, after 50 years of sky watching!

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]

Note: Canyon Lake and Sattler, Texas are located N/NW of San Antonio. 

And according to exactly where the witness was located at the time of the sighting, the objects most likely would have been East/northeast of Sattler, Texas.
- SW


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