Saturday, August 4, 2012

Triangle of Lights Over Austin - 8/3/2012

Area of Sighting, Austin, Texas
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Courtesy Google Maps

A witness reported observing a triangle of red lights over Mopac Expressway in Austin. Texas, on August 3, 20122.

The report submitted to MUFON is presented here, as is, no editing.

MUFON Case # 41411
Location: Austin, Texas
Date of Sighting: 08/03/2012
Time of sighting: 10:30
Viewing Distance: 101-500 Feet
Sighting Duration: 00:00:20
Object Flight Path: Straight-line path
Object Shape: Boomerang, Triangle
Summary: 3-4 solid red lights in a boomerang shape with a white beacon in the middle

Not sure what this was. It moved parallel NE to SW along mopac. There are a lot of aircraft in this area but they tend to move NW to SE. So i thought that was strange.It was in a triangle shape. I saw it moving from Steck to Spicewood and lost sight of it in the tree line. It had 3 to 4 solid red lights in a boomerang shape, and there was a pulsating white light in the middle


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