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Witness' drawing- MUFON Case # 41897


First, here is a UFO sightings case from a witness in Plano, Texas, who reported his August 19, 2012 sighting to MUFON.

The second report is a sighting emailed to me here at LITS, from a witness who saw as many as 50 lights over Texas City, on August 18, 2012.

These reports are as is, with no corrections, no editing.


MUFON Case # 41897
Location: Plano, Texas
Date of Sighting: 08/19/2012
Time of Sighting: 09:45
Viewing Distance: Over One Mile
Sighting Duration: 00:00:20
Object Flight Path: Path with directional change
Object Shape: Star-like

8/19/12 - Went out to my patio to relax and think about a song arrangement I was working on. Lied down on my spa edge looking up into sky directly above my house. I have a fairly broad view of the sky from this specific vantage point (watched meteor shower last week from here)...

Our home is on an approach for planes landing at Love Field, so planes are often in the sky at various elevations. This was NO plane event.

Directly in my line of sight, I saw what at first appeared to me to be a triangle-shaped object silently moving across the sky. After about five seconds I realized that it was multiple (separate) objects moving together in a triangular or V-shaped formation (think boomerang). They were moving at a fast, consistent speed, completely silent.

The V-shape formation was broken however, meaning that one of the points of the V was missing a lighted object. Then I saw 2 additional lights further back and off to the side a bit that were also moving consistent with the V-formation group of objects.

Again, the whole group was absolutely silent. Based on my viewpoint and calculations, the objects were significantly high in the atmosphere. All of the objects emanated a blue color (about the size of medium-lit stars).

At about the 10-second mark of watching, one of the 2 objects (that were out of the formation) literally dashed into the formation (completing the V-shape), darted about, then dashed back to join the other single object. What was really, really freaky is that this object dashed abruptly at an extremely fast speed, darted erratically, then back to its original position.

I estimate the whole group of objects were moving around 4-5 times the speed of any plane. We have a lot of planes so elevations and speeds of planes are routinely easy to gauge.

I watched the whole group for about 20-seconds before they moved beyond our tree line.

This was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Ever. It was nothing short of unbelievable. In checking this morning in the news, no reports have surfaced. I cannot possibly be the only person who witnessed this in a city of millions.

Even if military, the speed and movement of one of the objects was WELL BEYOND anything we know of in the public realm. NORAD, the control towers for two major airports in the area HAD to have tracked these objects!


NOTE:  I also received an email from a witness who saw up to 50 white lights moving across the skies of Texas City, Texas, on August 18, 2012, at approximately 12:00 midnight.  He and 10 other people watched as several groups of lights traversed the sky.

The witness indicated that he felt the white lights were outside our atmosphere.

Here is that unedited email account:

We left out of town headed to Texas City,Tx for my brothers Birthday party...As we were at the party having a good time my wife and i walk outside..and like always look for ufos,but this night around 12:00am we get way more then we can image..It was a fleet of them flying in numbers up to 20 a set,for 30mins or more they came that way..we see them here at our place all the time one or two at a time,but never in this number...we call everyone out to come see what we are seeing...and like always some was denied what they were witnessing..A plane hell naw,not and that number without blinkers or were going to war,clouds moving making it look like there moving,just stupid,these were some of the what ifs..But i say UFOs..I just want to know if any one else in that area witness this...No lie

I asked a few questions and he responded:

ok,i was headed from east texas,Karnack Tx,to Texas City,but we dont see them till my brothers party that night, these ojects had to be out of space..there were some as bright as the eye can see and some so small u can barely see..headed south of texas city texas austust 18 2012,they were right over our heads..but out of space like...12 dozes of white bright dots and dill dots,right behind each other,some spaced out

What u think they were....there's no way we were the only ones who saw was just to many for them not to b seen

If it was military why would they fly so many at one time,they were circle shape white dots,hell it was ten of us watching was at lease 50 flying altogether if u really was able to count them,they came in sets of at lease 12,flying off in the distance,then another set come right behind the last...they were too far in the sky to not of been out of space..Out of this world, Yes indeed..

Editor's Note: If these object were headed south from Texas City, that would put them out over the Gulf of Mexico, as Texas City is located at the mouth of Galveston Bay. -Sunny


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