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Lights Over North Dallas, Texas Home - 7/28/2012




I received an email and photo from a witness in North Dallas.  On the evening of July 28, 2012, he and his wife witnessed unusual lights in the sky, then reported them to the local authorities. 

Here is his report.

UFO’s over our house

North Dallas, Texas
July 28, 2012

Our house is located in North Dallas [location redacted].  At approximately 9:40pm, [name redacted], my wife, went to the back door to close it.  She looked out and saw 4 bright red-orange orbs, in a V formation, moving in the sky.  It was a clear night.  There were 3 in a row with the 4th making the V to the right side.  She hollered to me to come running and I ran out back, with her, seeing the formation.

Trailing farther behind, were another 8 or 10 flying singularly.  I tried to take pictures with my good camera, but there was nothing large enough to focus on.  I had the wrong lens on.  I ran back in the house and got my Nikon COOLPIX camera.  It did get some pictures, but they are really small and not too clear.  You can see what colors they were.

I loaded them on the computer. 
[Name redacted] called 911 and reported it and about 10 minutes later 2 police cars showed up with 3 uniformed officers and a civilian dressed woman.  They asked what we saw.  When we finished, they said normally the tower from Love Field or Addison Airport calls for them to be on the look out.  They said they had no such calls.  When we described the orbs, we explained that there was no sound at all from any of them.  Also, there were no marker lights or strobe light on any of them.

There were no regular aircraft or aircraft sounds of any sort in the area during this time period.  Normally, I can see at least one or more aircraft at this time of night.  It was as if they were all diverted or grounded at this time.  They appeared to have come from directly over Love Field heading NNW.  The whole thing took about 4-5 minutes.  It was hard to say how high they were due to no other objects to compare with.

[Name and exact location withheld by SW/LITS]

When I asked the witness if he had any idea what the officers were supposed to look out for, he responded:

No, they just stated that they were informed to look for anything unusual, nothing in particular.  They acted like we were a couple of crackpots or something at first.  They seemed to act differently when we said we had the pictures.  They did say they would do a follow-up report.

Investigator's note: Evidently there has been no follow-up by the police.

If you observed these objects over North Dallas on the evening of July 28, 2012,  please contact us.   Thanks!  -Sunny


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  1. I see these in the Dallas sky every night, at least a half dozen of them. My brother and I saw dozens of them over a year ago. They are white and flicker red, green and sometimes blue. They are stationary for the most part, but I have seen them move.


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