Monday, August 27, 2012

Blue Light Seen Over London, UK - 8/26/2012

I received an email from a witness in London, UK, who along with his brother, saw a blue light flying across the sky.
Here is that report, as is, with no corrections.


Location: London, UK
Source: Emailed report to LITS
Date: 08/26/2012
Time: 9:30 p.m. (approximately)
Shape/color: Blue line (possible cigar shape)
Summary: Blue lights spotted

At around 9-10 PM, London Time, I was sitting at my room talking over Skype with some of my friends, when suddenly, my brother starts shouting my name in a astonished  kind of matter. I didn't really bother coming to him, but then he added 'You Must See this', which made me no other option but to tell my friends that I have to go for a minute.

Once I've gotten to him, he shouted agian 'Come to the Balcony Quick!'. And now usually, In London the skies are cloudy at this time of year, and you can't see any stars, becides the one star, which is the south star. So once I've gotten to the balcony, I saw my brother looking up to the sky, and saying to me 'Look up, right there! See that?', I didn't see nothing at first, mainly cause there we're over a thousand small clouds, and small gaps in between them. But after 30 seconds of trying to configure my eyes towards the direction hes pointing above me, I finally see a Blue Light, in a Lined shape. It was about an inch long from my eyes in the sky. It was nothing I've ever seen. (It's the exact same light I've read on the blog! Link for that Blog is at the bottom of this email. I've found about your website after Googling if there we're any blue lights spotted on the 26th of August. And im writing in the morning of 27th) After closely spectating the lights above me for 5 minutes, I've managed to spot that on both edges of the blue line, we're switching brightness on each other, meaning one minute one ending is brighter, the other minute the other end is brighter.

I tried taking pictures of the strange.. aircraft? But My camera couldnt catch the sight perfecly for the camera to see, and the clouds were blocking the full view.

After spectating the lights for several minutes, after the right ending of the line from my view, released a bright blue specticle, it made me think as if Someone was trying to contact anyone. It was nothing similar to a satellite, or anything else, that was the real deal. And seeing that the same thing happened in Phoenix a week ago, prooves that something is going on!

- [Name withheld by SW/LITS]

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  1. I believe this to be the same thing which I witness on August 26th at about 8:30 I the London sky. I live in Lee which is in Lewisham. I saw a Illuminated blue objects with 2 flashing white lights the shape of the craft was very strange sort of a parallelogram or obelisk shape, flying quite low, at the speed of a plane and sister also witnessed this.


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