Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Officer Called Out To See Black Triangle In Spring, Texas- 8/10/2012

Artist rendering- SW/LITS


This report originally submitted to MUFON is presented here as is, with no editing.

MUFON Case # 41649
Location: Spring, Texas
Date:  08/10/2012
Time:  10:59
Distance: Over One Mile
Duration: 02:00:00
Object Flight Path: Stationary
Object Shape: Circle, Flash, Oval, Sphere
Summary: Large Pulsating object craft or large orb. A total of 4 witnesses in all one was an officer and two were neighbors.

While getting ready to lock up the house I realized my wife had accidentally left the garage door open. As I walked outside to close the garage door I looked up and noticed a large flashing-pulsating object in the sky to the South. At that time I observed planes moving through the sky near the object. The object stayed stationary and was close enough for me to see many brilliant lights flashing from the object. When I observed a plane fly near the object I believed the object was as large as a large passenger plane. I notified the neighbors next door and they were witnesses as well. They were a little shocked to see the object as well and all of us agreed it was doubtful to be a drone or plane. The object moved some distance but very slowly. I then notified the police and an officer came out and also observed the object. He shined his flashlight at the object as well but there was no response. I was able to take some pictures and some video as well. The object did not leave the area for nearly 2 hours. The oddest thing was as as planes were close to the object it looked like the object was as large as a large passenger plane but when the object moved further South it looked like a large pulsating orb. Well that's the scoop from The Woodlands, Texas on 8-10-2012.



  1. It is more than spiritual relief required for abductees and eyewitnesses. Alot to learn you have.

    1. Kevin wrote, quote: "It is more than spiritual relief required for abductees and eyewitnesses."

      You must not have read my history with UFOs, etc.

      Kevin also wrote, quote: :Alot to learn you have."

      We *all* have _a lot_ to learn, Master Yoda. ;)

  2. Can someone contact me about this or give me details on how to contact these witnesses?

  3. This is a MUFON report. I have no direct info and even if I did, I do not share personal witness info. Your best bet is that the witness sees your comment and responds. Good luck.


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