Thursday, August 30, 2012

LITS Investigator Observes Unidentified White Light - Big Spring, Texas, 8/29/2012

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While on her way home from a vacation trip, a LITS UFO Investigator spots a UFO while talking to me on the phone.

I immediately stepped outside to see if I could see anything.  Our skies were clear, the moon near full (Friday, August 31 will be a "Blue Moon").

I used my binoculars, yet I could not see any anomaly.  I looked first towards the moon and then looked to my W/SW. 

I did briefly observe (with the binoculars), a bright orange light, located at approx. 60 degrees AGL,  175 degrees South.
  It was visible for approximately 5 seconds and then it disappeared.   This object was not the International Space Station, which had already passed overhead at 8:38 p.m.

Note: Big Spring, Texas is approximately 90 miles (as the crow flies) from my location near Breckenridge, Texas.  Big Spring is  W/SW of Abilene.

The LITS Investigator immediately emailed me a photo of the object, then one showing it's direction of travel.  I then enlarged the objects in the photo.  [Note: All photos have been adjusted for size. The original photo was at Res.: 72 dpi; W-2582 pixel, H-1936 pixel, taken with an Apple iPad.] -SW

Here is the initial report:

LITS Investigation
Location: Big Spring, Texas
Date: August 29, 2012
Time: Approx. 8:50 p.m. (20:50)
Shape: Oval, Light
Colors: White

I am in Big Spring, Highway 87 south of the city limits. It was not dark enough for stars to be visible yet.

I first sighted a light slightly larger than a bright star above the moon and the flight pattern seemed flat as if it was going away from me, not straight down. It went into or behind the wispy cloud there, below the moon but did not emerge on the other side. 

The time was very close to 8:50pm, and I observed it for just over a minute.

I pulled up my live sky chart and made note that the ISS was in very close proximity to the object (after the object disappeared), but the flight pattern was not the same.

The object seemed to be going away from me in a flat pattern and I was puzzled about not seeing any other colored lights.

I was talking to you at the time and juggled up the iPad for a picture.


Editor's Note:  My first thought was that it might have been an airplane preparing to land at the Big Spring McMahon-Wrinkle Airport, located West of Big Spring.  However, the investigator clearly stated that the object was moving away from her.  Unless FAA regulations have changed, airplanes do not have landing lights on their tails and no navigation lights (red/green on wingtips, or white beacon lights) were visible. -SW

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Sat-map courtesy Google Maps.



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