Friday, February 5, 2010

Virginia Beach 'UFO' Explained

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MUFON Case # 21752
Submitted Date:    02/02/2010
Event Date: 08/09/2009 16:42 GMT
City:    Virginia Beach
Region:    Virginia
Shape:    Cigar,Oval,Unknown
Summary: I discovered this flying object in my picture recently. I'm not sure what it is, but thought I would submit it.

I'm not sure what the flying object in the picture is, but at the time of taking the picture, I saw nothing noticeable in the sky. I only discovered this after looking closely at the picture on my computer.

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Editor's Note: Am I missing something here?

I didn't post this earlier, as it is so obvious (at least to me), that the object in the photo is not a UFO, it's an 'IFO' (Identified Flying Object), more specifically, a Frisbee.

My decision to finally post this photo and report, is due to the fact that at least one reputable UFO website has posted it as a UFO. The photo was also not submitted as having been taken on January 15, 2010, as that website states.  According to MUFON's case file, the 'object' in question was photographed on August 9, 2009 (listed above).

Let me explain my reasoning for coming to the conclusion of identification.  Notice how close the object is to the people closest to the edge of the water. That is because it is directly over the waters edge.

Also, please note the man in sunglasses on the left.  He is looking directly at the "object" and there does not appear to be any giant shadowing on the beach, as her leg conveniently covers that area.

As for the object itself, the "lift" on the left (leading) edge of the object is consistent with a Frisbee in mid-flight.

The size of the object in the photo is consistent with a Frisbee at that distance, in comparison to people at waters edge.

Close examination of object shows it to be... a Frisbee.

Area around "object" in photo has pixelation.  This is not some energy signature, unless every object (people, umbrellas, etc.) are emitting the same energy.  It's just pixelation, period.

It is also likely that the person taking the photo did not see the object in her view screen, as the object would appear very small, if seen at all.

Aside from beach blankets, beach bunnies and large umbrellas, what's the one plaything that is popular on the beach besides bikini babes?

It's a Frisbee.  No matter how much I wish it weren't, it is.

No one wants the 'smoking gun' more than I do but posting such an obvious error in identification is not the way to find it.

I might also point out that such blunders only serve to impede real ufological research, however, I do assume that even the most stoic investigators need a bit of humor now and then.

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