Saturday, February 6, 2010

Strange Lights Seen In South Texas

Note: This report was sent in as the woman was talking to her husband (witness), on the phone.  He was driving a truck South, on Interstate 35 near Millet and Gardendale, which is southwest of San Antonio, Texas.

The location is actually considered 'the Plains of South Texas' and not desert, though the summer heat can sometimes make one think it's a true desert... if it weren't so humid.

I've made a couple of corrections to the report.  Original report can be viewed by clicking on the case number.

MUFON Case # 21785
Reporting Date: 02/05/2010 22:45
Event Date: 02/05/2010 21:20
City:    Millett and Gardendale
Region:    Texas
Longitude:    -102.271
Latitude:    34.1059
Shape:    Flash,Star-like,Unknown
Duration:    00:01:30
Distance:    Unknown
Location:    Desert ("plains")
Terrain:    Fields
Visibility:    Clear
Summary:    Saw flashing and extremely quick motion in many directions and then gone
I sent an email as my husband is freaking out over the phone right now. Our email is I will try to copy and paste what I wrote below.

First let me say that my husband is a big non-believer in UFO’s… He drives a truck from Ohio to Laredo, TX every week and has just called me to tell me that while driving down Interstate 35 (South) in TX, he saw a bunch of flashing lights and all of a sudden it started moving quite fast and in many different directions and then took off so quickly he had barely blinked and it was gone.

The closest I can explain as to where he states he saw this UFO out in the desert of Texas is as follows:
Interstate 35 South between mile markers 74 and 77. He stated that it was very close to the interstate by him. He states that he had just passed mile marker 75 when it disappeared a few minutes ago. (10:20pm EST) I believe that is 9:20pm Central time in Texas. The towns I can see on our maps for these mile markers are Millett and Gardendale, TX. If you have anyone else call in or contact you about this sighting we would be appreciative as he is freaking out about what he thinks he actually saw.  As I said before, he is a non believer until now.

He thought it was an airplane until it started moving in all different directions as it (he) got closer.

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  1. i live in san antonio and saw the same thing last night, 28 feb 2010 at about 12:15 am until about 1:30 am. I took a video and made a drawing of what i saw. My wife came home and witnessed this also. I would describe exactly as you have.

  2. I drive down 35 towards Laredo from San Antonio and then turn off on Hwy 57 towards Eagle Pass once a week. I have seen some strange things on that highway. At night I have seen something similar to what is described here. This area has few people.

  3. I believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life intelligent enough to account for many sightings of UFO's. My own field of investigations, however is in mystery lights that behave differently. I hope that those who see "ghost lights" like those in Chapel Hill, Tennessee, will come to know of the barn-owl interpretation that involves occasional bioluminescence of some owls. I hope that those who see the truly mysterious flying lights near Marfa, Texas, will come to know of the large-predator interpretation that may involve a new kind of bioluminescence (perhaps similar to the ropen of Papua New Guinea). When a light behaves like a hunting barn owl or predator, consider that interpretation; when it flies faster than any airplane and changes direction too abruptly, consider it a UFO.

  4. DILLEY TEXAS... a small town south of San Antonio. First of all I do believe that other life does exists!So when it comes to movies or web sites I really do not like watching because it freaks me out! We live in San Marcos TX and where visiting family on April 24 2010 and my son had gone with my brother in law to go play with his son at his home about 4 miles out of the city limits of Dilley! My son told his cousin what is that twinkling lights his cousin (these are 7 and 8 year old kids)said its probably a twinkly star! but my son could see a rotation movement with lights all around it,and a steady rotation. It was low enough that they could see it! than the 2 boys brought it to my brother in-laws attention and he started to question as well he told his wife to bring out the telescope so he could see the object even closer! when he looked he was freaked OUT! the rotation proceeded to go up further and move away slowly!! we arrived and asked what is going on to our amazement! Looking through the telescope NO MISS UNDERSTANDING WHAT WE WHERE ALL LOOKING AT! It stayed within range of the town by rotating further away from us!..... but within the town! My son is so clear on what he saw and the object must have been close enough that he can explain some detail of the object!! his cousin was frighten by the sighting that he didn't say much! We left with amazement and no one is going to tell me any different on what I saw because I do believe! However because of my strong faith and respect.. I wasn't scared just left with amazement and prayer. ( Even though I wonder what do they want and yes possibly could harm us )

  5. I live in Laredo,TX and one after noon i saw a vertical bright light on the sky towards the NW od Laredo it was not moving i drove from one side of Laredo to the other to get a closer look and it stood there for more than 3 hrs then as i made some phone calls for friends to see it and they did see it it zigzaged up and vanished never have i seen this before it was very intresting to see..Thank you.


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