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Red Lights over Texas- Februay 8-9, 2010

Note: I apologize for not having posted these reports sooner but due to a family crisis, I have been 'out-of-pocket'. -SW

Monday, February 08, 2010
19:15 hrs.
Weather: 35 degrees F, Cloudy, Windy
City/State: Breckenridge, Texas
Location: Near powerlines
Terrain: Farmland

I was on the phone with our friend Walter.  My husband had just left in the pickup to go to town.

As I was talking to Walter, I was looking out our front livingroom window, which faces North. The County Road in front of our property, is slightly over 100 feet from our house.

As I looked through the window, I noticed what appeared to bright taillights of some type of vehicle.  But instead of thinking the lights were over the road, I at first thought they were on our property.  These lights were huge!  I had never seen any lights like these before.

The lights were well below the main power lines that are directly in front of our home (crossing East/West), on our fence line.

There were 4 huge red lights that looked like elongated brake lights, each one just above the other, then just behind those 4 lights, there were 4 more.

I told Walter what I was seeing and he asked if it was a big truck.  I said "No." After seeing these lights, I rushed to the front door, which took all of 2 seconds.  The lights were gone. 

At the speed they were moving and since they were directly in front of the house, they would have still been visible if they were attached to a truck.  There was nothing. No sound, no lights, nothing.

Walter and I tried to figure out what it was that I had seen but could come up with no rational explanation.

I got off the phone because my stomach started hurting and I felt nauseated.  I went to the bathroom and became sick.  The illness was over as soon as it started.

After my husband returned from town, I asked him if there had been a vehicle behind him on our road and he said that he saw no other cars or trucks behind him.

When I was watching the lights through the window, I recall that I did not see anything (aside from the lights themselves) that blocked the lights on the highway that is 1 block North and runs parallel to our road.

It was as if there were 8 lights that were apparently not attached to anything, or the object(s) were invisible.

Later the next day I looked out towards where I had seen the lights and could estimate that the line of lights were over half the height of the power pole across the road and approximately the length of the pole's cross-tie.

The entire sighting only lasted about 5 seconds.  I saw the lights moving above the road and then they vanished.  There was no helicopter, or any other aircraft in the vicinity.

*      *     *

(MUFON Reports are "as is".)
MUFON Case # 21852
Date/Time: 02/09/2010 21:00
Location: Mullin, Texas
Summary: Two red lights appeared in the southwest sky above our barn.

We were driving into our property and saw two small red lights in the sky above our barn. The sky was dark so the lights showed up well. They looked a bit like tail lights on a car but up in the sky. There were also some small blinking white lights that appeared when the red lights had gone off. We saw the same lights a couple of years back, in the same spot. Do not remember the date but the time was about the same - somewhere between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm. When we stopped to look at the lights, they went out. We started driving again and they came back. Our sons girlfriend, who is staying on the property, said she has been seeing the same lights. My husband made the comment "look how fast they are moving". I didn't see them move because I was alternating between the lights and making sure my husband didn't hit anything while driving and looking at the lights. In trying to keep our 15 year old calm - we didn't make a big deal about it. He wouldn't go back outside by himself after we got to the house. The time before when we had seen them there were more lights, maybe 5 or 6, that just hung there then split and left in different directions. This time I only saw 2 red lights.

*      *     *

MUFON Case # 21853
Date/Time: 02/09/2010 19:55
Location: Denton, Texas
Summary: Four red lights flying in formation.

Just before 8pm I was outside for a cigarette looking west over the pond behind my house and noticed four red lights moving in formation low across the horizon.The unusual thing about this was first that they appeared to be flying in a single line formation at the same speed on the same course for as long as I could see them.Even with a great deal of private air traffic in this area I have never seen air planes flying in formation before.the second thing that stood out was a lack of white light that you would normally associate with a private air craft.I did not see any strobe or green light only red,while other aircraft were in the same vicinity and showing both red and green lights in addition to the common strobe.I was not close enough to hear any sound or determine a shape,the objects must have been at least a couple of miles away.While I cannot say this was a UFO sighting it was certainly unusual and I would like to know if any other reports have been made.

*      *     *

MUFON Case # 21855
Date/Time: 02/09/2010 20:15
LOcation: Denton, Texas
Summary: 4 red lights in formation

At approximately 2015 hrs CST I witnessed 4 red lights travelling southeast to northwest, in a cross style formation, approximately 15 miles from my location at the Old Alton Bridge. The craft appeared to fly very slowly and remained in formation during the entire event. I lost sight if the lights in the trees. Approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour later we (2 others and I) returned to the town of Krum. There we witnessed 4 lights approaching Krum from the north. As the got closer I could discern a distinct helicopter type sound. They they closed in close enough that I was able to determine that this was a training flight of helicopters from the JRB/NAS Fort Worth. I videoed the original event and can barely discern that these were aircraft from the beginning of my viewing event. The total time for the event would have been 5 minutes for the original sighting and approximately 10 minutes for the subsequent event. 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

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