Sunday, February 7, 2010

Strange Lights and Black Ops In North Carolina - 30 Years Ago

Is, or was there a secret underground military installation under or near Pond Mountain, North Carolina?  That might explain some of the unusual sightings in and around North Carolina.

Report is "as is", but original report can be viewed by clicking on case number.

MUFON Case # 21803
Reporting Date:    02/07/2010
Event Date:    6/15/1976
Location: Pond Mountain, NC
Longitude:    -76.5163
Latitude:    34.7313
Shape:    Other
Duration:    03:00:00
Summary:    We never figured out what it was...

These incidents happened between 1976 and 1978.

During my childhood, my family and friends traveled to nearby Pond Mountain every Saturday evening in the summer months to view a strange situation that nobody has ever been able to explain. Pond Mountain is one of the tallest peaks in the Appalachian Mountains and is very secluded.

My friends father was a preacher and he commonly held outdoor sermons in a field near Pond Mountain. The congregation spotted red lights, off in the distance, rising into space every 3 minutes.

We would go to this field every Saturday night and sit in a field atop a knoll just off of the dirt road and watched the red lights rise vertically high into the night sky. They couldn't have been cars or vehicles driving up a mountain because the lights continued to rise up into the stars until they dimly faded out of sight. The lights would launch every three minutes (to the second) and would continue to do so for hours. There was no noise associated with these lights...they were just small red lights rising into space.

Upon returning home after one night of viewing, I was riding in a car with my friend. We topped a hill on the way back home and a huge glowing green light came out of nowhere and blinded my friends father to the point where he had to stop the car. We didn't hear any noises with the lights and the lights disappeared as quickly as they appeared. Everyone was visibly shaken and my friends father turned to ask if we had seen the bright light. Our hearts were pounding as we told him we had witnessed it as well. We sat and discussed what it could have possibly been (swamp gas, hunters spot lights, helicopters) but couldn't agree on what it might have been. We never returned we felt endangered.

I left the area upon graduating high school and returned 20 years later. I was telling one of my childhood friends of the sightings and he had something to add. He explained that he had witnessed those same lights and returned several times during daylight hours to investigate. He told me of a brick outhouse looking building just off the road in the woods near the area where we used to view the strange lights. He said he watched two U.S. government vehicles park near this small structure and the individuals would enter the outhouse and not come out for a full day. He suspected it was an elevator shaft leading to an underground facility.

After hearing what my friend had to say, I suspected it may have been a top secret military project...but I don't know.

Maybe you can combine this with other stories and conclude what this mystery was/is.

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