Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photo Of UFO Over Leeds, Great Britain

This is another report submitted to MUFON, from the United Kingdom.  This time it is from the town of Leeds, GB and the report includes a photo.

The object in the photo does not appear to be a 'Chinese lantern'.

MUFON Case # 21818
Report Date: 02/08/2010
Event Date: 06/15/2009
City:    Leeds
Country: Great Britain
Longitude: -2.0
Latitude:  54.0
Shape: Disc,Egg,Fireball,Oval,Sphere
Distance: 500 feet or less
Summary: A moving orange ball

I was on holiday at my dads who lives right next to the sea in norfolk uk. I was called out side to see and orange ball which at first I thought was just another lantern. but this thing was moving south to north and the it stopped above us and was rotating left and right. it then shot out to sea within seconds. then further down the coast it came back and towards us before shooting straight up out of sight. I had a standard 5 mp camera with no night feature but in this event started snapping away hoping to capture a small glimpse of what this might be, however when I put these pictures on my pc all I got was a green static screen except for one great picture.
Original Photos:
Photo 1
Photo 2

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