Monday, February 1, 2010

Possible UFO Landing In Maine 1/30/10

MUFON Case # 21716
Reporting Date:    01/30/2010
Event Date: 01/30/2010
Location: Raymond, Maine
Longitude: -70.4425
Latitude:  43.9379
Shape: Circle
Summary: A pattern of a 15.5 foot circle with foot pads in the snow
Click on image for larger view.

I heard a noise last night at 11:30 PM. I went outside but saw nothing. This morning I walked down my driveway to get my morning paper, and in the snow in my driveway were two perfectly concentric circles one inside the other. The outside diameter of the outer circle was 15.5 feet and the inner circle 13.5 feet. There were four rectangular foot pads set in a pattern on the outside circle at what would be N/S/E/W on a compass. They were 7.5 inches long and flared on their ends. I have taken pictures of the circles and closeups of the foot pads. I have no idea what could have placed this pattern in the snow. Their were no other signs of disturbance in the snow.

*    *    *
Please Note!  The depiction was drawn by me (according to the brief description), and not by the witness.  The witness did not include any drawings or photographs with their original report.

If and when the photos are published, I will update this report.-SW
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