Friday, February 5, 2010

Disc shaped object hovered over Lake Charles, LA in 1995

Note: Report is "as is".  Click on Case Number for original report.

MUFON Case # 21779
Reporting Date:    02/05/2010
Event Date: 06/10/1995
City: Lake Charles (at night)
Region:    Louisiana
Longitude: -93.0086
Latitude:   31.2634
Shape:    Disc, Sphere
Summary: It was a disc shaped object hovering over a lake charles casino's bright as day

We were driving from Texas to Florida for vacation. My Dad was driving the car and woke me up in the back seat asking me what I thought this could be? My mother was in the passenger seat. I we continued to look we all agreed that maybe it was a water tower but that wasn't adding up. All of a sudden it shot across over a lake CLEAR AS DAY and just hovered. I knew it wasn't from earth instantly. I just kept saying [cms/tg/pd]. My parents didn't say anything about the language I was using since they were also completely startled. It was as it was looking right back at us. I don't remember seeing any light around it but it was a disc shaped object. I all distinctly remember is how it took off. I remember something coming out of it as it exited the atmosphere. It was like a spark of some sort and then it vanished. It was a truly amazing and life changing experience that I will never forget. I have told many people this story in which they believe me but can never truly understand the affect of seeing one for themselves. I always bring it up to my parents and we all know what we saw but know we are not alone and that is all. I had a good minute to a minute and a half looking at this so I'm 100% on what I saw. I always am looking up in the sky looking for another craft as My wife and I are driving. I really want her to get to see what I saw when I was a child. It is a life changing experience to say the least. I'm obsessed with UFO's and always have been after this moment!

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