Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Youngster Takes Photos of Object in Sky Over Haslet, Texas


"Strange object in sky"

A young boy and his uncle witness something strange in the skies over Haslet, Texas. 
This report is unedited.

MUFON Case # 44548
Haslet, TX

My son and his uncle was outside watching shooting stars. All if the sudden this object appeared out of no where with no tail (like a shooting star should have) and was quite brighter than anything they had seen. It went in a sharp NE direction stopped and hovered at this point my son began to take pictures with his iPhone. The object changed direction backwards. Then it hovered again for aprox 1 minute and the shot off this time leaving a u shaped cloud. My son terrified called me at work. He is 11. I told him to send me the pictured thinking it was a shooting star and I could let him know it was okay. After seeing the pictures and realizing there was no way he could have got so many pictures of a moving star I realized it may be something else. The cloud of smoke left clearly looks like it was ingaging back into space. I am (was) a non believer but these photos are sure strange.

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