Monday, December 31, 2012

Unknown presence attacks dog, frightens witness in rural Tennessee

Artist rendering by SW/LITS

A woman in Tennessee claims to have been terrorized and her dog attacked, by some unseen presence.

This report was submitted to MUFON and is re-posted here, unedited.


MUFON Case # 44863
Location: Somewhere in Tennessee
Date of Event:     12/19/2012
Time of Event:  11:33 UTC
Viewing Distance:     Unknown
Sighting Duration:     00:04:00
Object Features:     Unknown
Object Flight Path:     Unknown
Object Shape:       Unknown
Summary: bright red light coming in through mini blind slats. dog attackef 

I was not going to report this. I fear sounding crazy however I was told it should be reported. So here goes. On night of 12/19/12 I was sitting on my couch talking on my cell phone to my dad. He lives in Co. It was 11:33 pm. As we were talking I was facing a nw window over dinning rm table. All of the suddin the dinning rm had a bright red light shining in through slats of blinds which were closed a the light shone so bright it lit up dining rm. I was trying to figure out what it could be. So I wS half listening to my dad and more focused on this light. Thenn the back door close to kittchen between dining rm. started to shake violently and the knobb started to rattle very fast. We have a metal door...btw. Then I heard my dog who is a big dog half great dane half yellow lab ran onto back porch. What I haerd next still sends shiberd up my spine. I heard groweling, then I heard this horrible noise..inhuman horrible loud sounnd I just can not describe. With my dad still on the phone I screamed. Threw the phone and . I ran into my bf and my bedroom. Now mind you I screamed so loud I lost my voice for 4 days after. I stood over him screaming and he didnt wake up. Finally I jumped on him and he woke up. I didnt knw how to explain to him what had happened so I just told him someone was trying to break in. He grabed his shot gun. As we walked out of room i noticed light was gone and no noise. I pucked up ph. to hear my dad repeating hello? I told him same thi.g I told my bf . He told me to call police. I did. Our dog was on back pourch when we looked out kitchen window. Mike wenr out and metal dog food bowl had been moved in front of back door. The police arrived and could not find anything. But the cop said something strange. said he talked to our neighbor #60 and they had seen lights over our direection. We li e in country. After he left we could not figure out what he was talking about. My bf thought he had said he wad g doing 60 mph and talked to a neighbor. we heard different things. Anyway there is no #60 out here anyways. After all commotion we went to bed. One more important point our dog would not come back onto back pourch. Next night after my bf got hm from work he asked where the dogwas I said I thought he was out thete. We went looki.g for him. We found him and haf to force him onto baack pourch once in the house we noticed doig haf scratches and burn makrks on his nose. Then bf went on back pouch and came in and said the door is dentteddented I saidd yeah right. I went out and there were wave like dents in the door. He said what ever had fought with dog had to have been big. Thatd whenn I told him bout light and noise. I am sorry for this typing doing this on my cell ph. not very easy. ty for considering this.


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