Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 7, 2012 - Flash of Light in Houston Most Likely Bolide


Witnesses report bright flash in sky over Houston.

Below is a report that was submitted to
MUFON.  Below the report is a video that I received from another witness. -SW

MUFON Case # 44386
Date of Event:     12/07/2012
Time of Event:  06:45 UTC
Location: Pasadena, Texas
Viewing Distance:  20 Feet or Less
Sighting Duration: Undisclosed
Object Shape:      Flash
Weather Factors     Unknown
Summary: No UFO seen. Witness to blinding flash of light in Houston area this morning.

Between 6:45-6:50 am on 12/7/12 I saw a huge flash of white light that seemed to be at ground level as I was driving to work. It was big enough that I instinctively hit my brakes thinking something was coming at me. Once the car was stopped I looked all around me and did not see the source of the light or any activity in the area that could have been the cause. I then looked to the sky and still saw nothing except for a pretty sunrise. My car window was all the way down and there was no sound to go with the light. I started driving again and continued to look for the source in the immediate area and found none. I then thought it might have come from one of the refineries along 225 and looked there once I got to the freeway. Again, I saw no sign of what could have caused the light. I promptly forgot about the situation until a few hours later when a friend posted an article about it on Facebook. On that thread another person and I started talking about how we both saw the light at the same time. She also thought it was at ground level and not from the sky. The posted article stated that "experts" were claiming the flash came from a meteor. The other person that was posting that she saw it was almost 40 miles away from me in Richmond, TX (near Cinco Ranch, TX she said) when she saw the same flash of light.


Houston, Texas

A witness saw and recorded a bright flash of light, Southeast Houston Area. 


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