Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Katy, Texas Resident Observes Bright Light Ascend into Space

I recently received this emailed report:

Location: Katy, Texas
Date/Time: 12/02/2012 9:00 PM
Object description: Bright light

This Sunday evening I was in my back yard getting some fresh air.  A bright light caught my attention.  It looked like a plane with a spot light under it.  I thought it was flying very low for such a big plane.  It was dark so I could only see the light clearly but I could make out some detail besides the light. It was definitely  some kind of craft.  At this point I thought I was looking at an airplane.

Suddenly the light intensified and started gaining altitude at an unbelievable rate.  As it pulled away the light got smaller until it was just a pinpoint of light and disappeared.   From the moment the light intensified to the point that the light was no longer visible took about two seconds.

I looked online yesterday to see if the where any launches at the space center but saw none.   In my opinion even something launched by NASA could not accelerate and climb at such a fast speed.

I wasn't shocked by it at first because I figured there was an explanation for it, but after checking on the NASA site and giving it more thought I feel I had a real UFO experience.

There was only one light.  Probably about 10 times the size of Venus and about twice as bright.  Viewing time was 20 seconds or so.  It took 2 seconds to fly away.

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]


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