Saturday, December 1, 2012

Couple Encounter "Wall of Light" In Kilgore, TX

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A witness reports of he, his wife and their truck having been engulfed in a "wall of light."

This report was originally submitted to MUFON.

MUFON Case # 44169
Event Date: 10/24/2009
Time: 02:30 a.m. (approx.)
Location: Kilgore, Texas
Object Shape: Fireball, Sphere, Unknown
Summary: Ball of light, ground level. Emitting a wall of light that engulfed our vehicle. Radio and engine shut down and the light was bright enough to read by.

My wife and I was returning from the home of friends around 2am. We live in a rual area, no street lights. When we turned on Bell Rd. at about a 10 o'clock position there was a huge flash. We compare it to a transformer explosion. There was a wall of light moving slow, about as fast as I can walk, moving toward us. The radio and engine of my truck shut down. It was very dark outside, but when the wall moved past us, it was light enough to read. We don't know how long this light was on us. The wall moved back over us just as slow as it had come, when it reaches the glowing ball, it flashed and was gone. The radio came back on, I cranked the truck and we came on home. It was dark on one side of the wall of light and very bright on the other. What was strange is that we wasn't excited or scared, just relaxed like it was an every day thing. We didn't talk about it for a coupla days, When we did talk, we both seen the same thing. As far as we can tell we haven't had any adverse effects to this, Just feel crazy telling anyone. We can't tell how long timewise we was in this light.


Editor's note: Perhaps the occupants of the vehicle were scanned, or possibly even taken and returned. If anyone has experienced a similar event, please report it. -Sunny


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