Thursday, December 13, 2012

Triangle of Lights Over League City, TX - Nov 4, 2012

There have been quite a number of UFO sightings around League City and the Houston area.

I just received an emailed account, from a witness in League City, Texas. The witness wrote that they observed a triangle of lights flying quickly across the sky.

The witness was apparently 'unable' to take photos.

This report is "as is", with no corrections.

Sighting: Nov 4th 2012, League City, TX
Triangle of lights

"Below is an email I sent to a few friends after I was in my back yard looking through a telescope on Nov 4th 2012. Any help on what explains this would be greatly appreciated.

I was out back last night looking through my telescope around 730ish. I stopped after about 20 min and just starting looking around with my eyes trying to pick another focus point. Looking up from my right there were three moving lights, in a perfect triangle (one in the front two in the back), moving across the sky at a good speed but not fast enough to miss. It crossed my vision for a whole 5 – 7 seconds. Whatever I saw had no sound, couldn’t of been more than 10,000 feet up and had to be at least 3 times the size of a jet. It had no outline, shape or color. It was simply just three balls of light, they had no glare to them though. They just were the color of dull stars. Just bigger. The size or shape of the lights never changed and they moved perfectly in sync with each other. They disappeared from my line of sight as they moved further away."

I wrote back to the witness and said that I felt it was a triangular-shaped craft.  However, I could not say whether it was "ours", or something else.  I added that I would post the report, in hopes that other witnesses might come forward. 

The witness wrote back:

"That sounds great!

I have read into it quite a bit and have come to the same conclusion. There are too many stories that are identical to mine to put this as “space junk” or illusion, especially considering the amount of time it was in my line of sight. Oddly, I couldn’t get myself to pull my phone out and try to capture it, if it even appeared due to its faint luminosity. I was got momentarily in a frozen state of awe.  I have read of a theory that claims hyper charged plasma may cause this but what I saw wasn’t a flash of light.. It was clearly on track to a destination.

Thank you for the consideration and the quick response."

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]

[Note: If you witnessed the triangular lights over League City on November 4, 2012, please report your sighting. -SW]


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