Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lights Again In Stephenville 12/01/2012

This report was submitted to MUFON.  It is re-posted here, as is, with no editing.
The above picture is an artist rendering.


MUFON Case # 44818
Location: Stephenville, Texas
Date of Event:     12/01/2012
Time of Event:  12:00 UTC
Viewing Distance: Over One Mile
Object Flight Path: Stationary
Object Shape: Circle
Summary: Lights appeared in order across the sky then vanished. Definitely not an airplane.

Outside at the ranch working in the garage. Looked out and noticed 2 off-yellow lights in the sky. 1st thought it was one of our charter planes, but the light vanished and two other larger lights appeared next to each other a little higher. One light would vanish and another one would appear next to it. It spread across the sky then vanished. Clear night. I was downwind. No sound and there was nothing there after the lights vanished. My uncle, who has seen the lights out here before, saw them that night too. I knew it was not a plane. I used to sell planes and my father is a pilot. I quickly realized this was something off. I was amazed by what I saw. A week later my dad saw something similar, except they were multiple color. Were horizontal, went verticle, and them vanished. Something strange is going on in Stephenville.


Stephenville is in the Brownwood MOA (FAA definition of Military Operations Area), so could people actually be seeing flares being dropped by jets?

"But there was no sound."  The flares ejected by the jets can be seen for many miles, thus witnesses may see the flares but not see or hear the jets, unless they are within a very few miles of the operation.

I'm not stating definitively, that what the witness saw were flares but it is a possibility.  -Sunny


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