Thursday, December 13, 2012

Humanoid Encounter - Rising Star, Texas

Depiction - SW/LITS

A rural resident near Rising Star, Texas reported to MUFON, that they observed a silver-clad humanoid.  It ran away when the witness' dog chased after it.

This report is presented here, as is, with no corrections.

MUFON Case # 43874
Location: Rising Star, Texas
Date of Event     11/03/2012
Time of Event:  10:05 UTC
Viewing Distance: 101-500 Feet
Summary: tall and silvery running.

Sitting in front of house with dog. Noticed something move across the drive in the pasture. Told the dog to get it. He took off after the thing. The thing took off running from the dog it looked human at first then noticed it was much taller and had a lanky silvery aperance and it moved much faster then a man. It finally disappeared and the dog came back.

No photo provided. 

If you have seen this humanoid, or one similar, please report it. -SW


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