Friday, June 29, 2012

Columbia, Missouri Cigar-shaped UFOs


I received a report composed by 3 witnesses who had a daylight sighting of 3 cigar/pill-shaped UFOs, over Columbia, Missouri, June 20, 2012

One of the witnesses contacted me and requested a report form.  Here is that report.

LITS Case # 5-6202012-2
Location: Columbia, Missouri

Date of Sighting: June 20, 2012
Time of Sighting: 8:01 pm (20:01)
Shape of Object: Cylinder, pill/capsule-shaped
Number of Objects: 3
Flight path: 2 objects travel East to West; 1 object West then South and ascends into clouds.
Weather conditions: Partly cloudy

Witness report:

On Wednesday, June 20, 2012, my best friend (name redacted) and I (name redacted) were sitting outside on my back porch. All of a sudden (name redacted) pointed to two objects in the sky and asked if they were planes.  I looked closely and could see that they were not planes and that they looked very suspicious.

My first thought was that they could be blimps, but then I realized that blimps can't travel that high.  They were located in the sky but directly in front of where we were sitting at the time.  At that point, we went to get her boyfriend (name redacted), who has a lot of aircraft knowledge, to tell us what they were.

It was approximately 8:01 pm when this took place.  From this point on, we were all standing in the yard to get a better view.  The objects we saw looked like pill-shaped objects.  They were white in color and seemed metallic.  You could even see clouds reflecting off the side of them.  They were moving across the horizon faster than any aircraft I have ever seen.  They did not have any lights, wings, or contrails.  They moved from the east to the west.  There were no clouds in this part of the sky.

Those two objects continued traveling towards the west together, in very close proximity to each other, that they maintained the same flight path, at the same speed.

Then as we continued to watch, a third identical object appeared from halfway across our visible horizon.  It seemed to appear from no where but looked exactly the same as the other two.  This came to a great surprise to us and we couldn't believe our eyes.  However, this one went a different course from the other two.

It started out heading towards the west and then all of a sudden, changed it's direction and from our perspective, looked like it headed south in the sky.  This immediate direction change did not appear like something that modern day aircraft can do.  It was climbing altitude so rapidly, that it did not seem possible that it could be a plane.

The first two objects that were traveling together, had already disappeared out of our view at this time.  The last one disappeared in it's climb through the clouds.

These objects did not make any noise.  If (name redacted) would not have been staring directly at the sky, then we would have never known they were there.

This whole series of events took place in about 90 seconds.  It was daylight out and they were easily able to be seen by us all.  We watched them the entire time they were able to be seen from our perspective.  We were all in disbelief of what just happened and immediately documented what we had seen so we could keep the details straight. 

After that, we started doing some research on the internet to see if anyone had ever seen anything like this before.  We found a similar case described in Southern Missouri, near Nixa.  Then we realized that we just sighted an unidentified flying object and wanted to report it to someone to investigate further.

We feel honored to have the opportunity to witness these events but also felt that it was our responsibility to pass the information on.  I also asked all of my Columbia friends if they had seen anything like this on the same evening over Columbia via Facebook and never got any reports of anyone else in our area seeing it.

Note: When I asked about a possible sketch, I received this response:

There is a picture on your web site that greatly resembles what we saw, which is how we found your web site in the first place. It is titled "Cigar Shaped Object Over Riverdale, Bronx, NYC."


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