Monday, June 4, 2012

Formation Of Red/orange Lights Over Youngsville, LA

Artist depiction.

Satellite imagery courtesy Google.
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Report received by SW/LITS:
A couple in Youngsville, Louisiana, reports that they observed a formation of red/orange lights, June 2, 2012.

The witness later told me that she was so disturbed by the sighting, that she could not sleep and was having a hard time wrapping her head around this event.

Here is that report.

Youngsville, Louisiana
Sighting approximately 9:00pm CST
Number of lights 9-10
Approximate distance - below cloud line
Formation ( see dots below)
:    :    :   -  -  -
Color: reddish orange
The formation was perfectly distanced from each other - too perfect
Sound: none
Span from left to right about a quarter of a mile
Duration of formation - unsure as they were already there when we drove up upon them but we watched for about 10 minutes- the lights just "turned off". After the lights just disappeared a bright larger light came up from the horizon fast then hovered for about a minute then moved off quickly in the same direction formation flew before disappearing.

At 9:00pm CST on June 2, 2012, my husband and I were leaving our rural neighborhood in Youngsville, Louisiana on our way to the store. When we came out to the main road we saw reddish to orangish lights coming towards us in perfect formation
 :     :    ;    -   -   -
(see dots - the single row first) over the harvested sugarcane crop.  My first thought when I saw the lights was maybe it was some sort of optical illusion of newly put up towers (there are no new towers). My mind was trying to wrap around what I was seeing. My husband who was driving had stopped in the middle of the road.  I asked "is that tower lights?" The lights were deceiving while still sitting in the car. He exclaimed "NO!!! Look how high they are... They are moving!" we both jumped out of the car in the middle of the road trying to capture a video on our IPhones . They made no noise and were not airplanes. I have lived on military bases many years in my young adult life and have seen and heard more planes than the average person. I was stunned watching the display. Due to the full moon and the street lights from the neighborhood behind us and the distance in the sky, neither of us could capture an image. Another person was in front of their home yelling into their phone to someone about the lights. My husband tried frantically to call my son who was a block behind us at home to capture it but by the time he got outside the lights "turned off". I'm not sure how long the lights were there before we came upon them but we watched for a good ten minutes.   As my husband was on the phone with him, we watched a bright white light come from the horizon towards us until it was overhead and seemed to pause for less than a minute then move in the same direction of the reddish- orange lights and disappear. 

I just want to know "what it is we saw" and if anyone in our area witnessed the same strange lights.  I looked, googled strange lights in Louisiana and have read similar sightings in our same area starting in December 2011 to as recent as May!!! Please advise if you have any further information.

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]

Note:  If you saw this formation of lights over Louisiana, on June 2, 2012,  please report it.  Thank you. -Sunny


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  1. I've never seen a photo of these things in this sort of formation. Anyone else concerned with the military-like formation?


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