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Video - Red/orange Lights Near Conroe, TX - June 9, 2012


I received a video and report from a witness near Conroe, Texas, who on the evening of June 9, 2012, witnessed and videoed red/orange lights in the sky.

I have edited the video, removing a conversation between the witness' mother and a neighbor, concerning the lights in the sky. -Sunny

Report from witness:
I would like to report something i saw in the night sky of Texas.
It was Saturday, June 9 about 60 miles north west of Houston. It was approximately 9:30 p.m. Our neighbor called and told us to go outside and look at the sky.

There were approximately 20-30 reddish orbs in the northwest sky. These orbs were what we would expect at air traffic cruising level. There is a tree level and these were above that.

I have attached a video and i apologize it was taken with my cell phone. We watched them for about 4-6 minutes. I took two videos, this being the second. The first I took from directly out our back door and then walked out into the yard and took the second.

I think the most on the videos are like 5 orbs. They completely disappeared and then slowly re-appeared one at a time, they seemed to move from behind the tree line up into the sky (but never appeared like on the ground, just at a lower horizon level than the trees).

We fully expected to go inside and watch the 10 o'clock news and see that 15 Russian red weather balloons had been seen - LOL - but there was nothing on the news that night or the morning, or since.

We are located off Highway 105 west, approximately 20 miles west of Conroe.

I read your instructions and hope I have answered all necessary questions. Please let me know what you think.

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]


Lights such as these are being seen all over Texas and indeed, around the U.S.  Many sighting might be explained as being Chinese (paper) lanterns but once they burn out, the lanterns do not reignite. -SW



  1. i will like to speak wiwth the person who captured this video i just saw the same excact lights at Stephen. F. Austion highschool in sugarlnd. everthing had happened exactley like his video but there were like around 30 to 40 of them, my email is please contact me

  2. i will like to speak wiwth the person who captured this video i just saw the same excact lights at Stephen. F. Austion highschool in sugarlnd. everthing had happened exactley like his video but there were like around 30 to 40 of them, my email is please contact me

  3. Sunny, Toasted Oreos over at the Trinity Zone. Would love to photograph or video tape these red-orange orbs, if they would just fly over my neighborhood! I am still leaning on the side of the fence, that says these are Chinese Lanterns though. Found several people claiming to have launched lanterns in the same areas.

  4. This is odd. I know about the lights in arazona, the v shaped from orbs formations. The past 3 nights around 9:30-10:00 pm, I have been seeing the same thing as this. This report from texas, but im in kentucky. A set of lights spred about a foot apart in the sky looking at ground level. About a minute later I see one orb traveling same speed, same way. Last few nights same exact things, but more. I dont believe in so called "aliens", but something else is out there. Reather it being something, or another race.

  5. Brice, I did contact you by email. The witnesses prefer to remain anonymous.

    To KR in the Trinity Zone, a person in that area did some investigating of his own and reported they were not Chinese lanterns.

    To Linda, "another race" of what? Humans?
    I live in Texas and we have illegal "aliens" sneaking into the U.S. all the time. If they aren't from planet Earth, then what do we call them? ETs, EBEs,aliens, etc.

  6. Crazy, my boyfriend and I just witnessed the same exact color and pattern of lights. We were in Bandera County, on Medina Lake Tx. It was on July 4th at about 11:30 p.m. The first light started hovering from east to west going towards the moon. Lasted for about 5 minutes, then just disappeared into thin air... Then there was a second that did the same exact thing. I do have a picture of one. It's not very clear though since it was taken with my phone. I tried recording it but it didn't pick up. It looked kind of foggy around the light with a slight circular and triangular shape. This was the first time for me to witness such a thing... Kind of creepy if you ask me!

  7. oh my gosh. this is exactly what me and my friends saw here in San Elizario, TX tonight!!! we are abouth 20-25 minutes south from El Paso, TX. 7/12/12!!!! around 10:00 pm, we saw about 6 of these lights and two on the bottom were lined up, the exact same way. i had no other explination but ALIENS. i decided to research it, wow this is amazing.

  8. My friends and I saw one tonight around 905 pm and it started right by the tree line and then went on for a little bit and the flickered away into the night. Idk if it came back. But we saw it in western mass

  9. Yesterday night around 10:38 my boyfriend, my son and me saw 11 lights we was very scarec, excited everything all at same time, after that we sit at backyard looking for talking about it and more other things when around 1:30 or 2:00am we saw another 5 lights same shape, color light direction velocity after that my boyfriend fall asleep and i g scared to be outside by my self with my other baby 4 weeks old so i just went in to my room and take my babys to sleep. I didnt sleep at all. But i want

  10. Me and My BestFriend saw the exact same thing i think it was in June we captured it on video it was 3 orange lights/orbs rising into the sky... they would disappear for a few seconds & light up brighter again . I am curious to know what the hell these things are . UFO's or lanterns . & why is this happening so much in Texas ?

  11. We just saw this last night about Moundville Al. We followed it their were others on the road that were watching it they said iy was directly above them it didn't male any sound at all. Then it disappeared we left and about 2 miles down the road it appeared again. There was also 8 fighter jets seen in this area earlier yesterday morning. We saw this around 8:00 p.m.


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