Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lights Observed Near International Space Station - 6/25/2012


I received an email from a witness, who saw flashes of light near the International Space Station; lights that appeared to be further out in space. 
Here is that email.

Lights around ISS
Levelland, Texas

10:23 pm (22:23)

I was watching the space station fly over since it was a clear night and as it passed over a light flashed 2 times immediately behind the space station. It was a brilliant white light with a blueish tint. A few seconds later it flashed a third time in the exact same spot as the first 2 flashes. I was on the phone with my wife who was 20 miles away and she seen them also. The lights appeared to come from farther out in space than the space station.

If anyone else witnessed this event, please contact me.
Thank you. - Sunny



  1. I sent an email to you that I witnessed one flash of the three in the northeast at this same time. I would be very interested in finding out what this was and or what caused this!

  2. I saw four or five flashes in the sky on that night with my friend in California.


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