Friday, June 8, 2012

Orange/red Orbs Captured on Video Over McKinney, TX June 2, 2012



I received an email from a witness who captured on video, up to 30 orange/red lights that appeared in the skies of McKinney, Texas, on June 2, 2012.

He wrote:
"Here's a video I shot of the event. These match the description of other sightings in TX, LA & MS."


Video Link

"5 others and I witnessed approximately 30 large orange globes traveling northward along the eastern horizon at a high velocity and fixed altitude. No sounds emitted from the objects."

I asked the witness a few questions and he replied:

"First noticed the lights around 1130pm that evening. At first glance the lights looked like a series of orange moons hanging in the sky across the eastern horizon, right around the altitude of a commericial airliner on approach to land. Objects were traveling from south to north at a fairly high velocity, however made no sounds whatsoever. I watched them continue north until the trees got in the way. That was the last I saw of them."

I asked the witness if he thought they could have been Chinese lanterns.  Here was his reply:

"Same question the guy from asked. These objects spanned the horizon from south to north and were maintaining altitude. While I am not 100% certain of anything, these objects do not fit the profile of Chinese lanterns.

This video shot over Albuquerque the night before, is nearly identical to what we saw, except we saw a LOT more of them:"


Video Link

I've been asked, "what are these things?" and "do you have and explanation for what I saw?"

Well, no, I don't know for sure what the source of these lights are.  If they aren't Chinese lanterns, then they are either ours, or theirs.

I can recall a similar sighting that I had, just a few years ago. 

While I was driving in my pickup, on Hwy 183 (south from Breckenridge, TX), I was paced by two objects identical to these in the videos.  However, the ones I saw were much closer and they certainly were not Chinese Lanterns.

The objects I saw were orange/red in color, very bright and were most definitely intelligently controlled.

Months later, my husband and I witnessed a single object flying from east to west, apparently near I-20, headed towards Abilene, Texas, where Dyess Air Force Base is located.  Joe shown a 2 million candle power spotlight on it... and it disappeared.

If you have seen these objects, or have a theory as to what they are, please send me an email.

- Sunny



  1. In the video from McKinney, I can't tell if the objects are pulsating or flickering. From the video it would seem that they are flickering but I do not want to assume. If they are, then that would suggest that they are outside the atmosphere like a star, wouldn't it? I live about 25 miles south on the north side of Dallas and will have to keep my eyes open for these things!

  2. Been watching for these red, orange lights. But, last night I was Toasting Oreos in my new fire pit, when a bright white ball of light appeared at 75 degrees above the western horizon. Then a tiny ball of white light shot out from the brighter one. Both accelerated in different directions. This was 9:45. At exactly 11:11, there was a huge and extremely bright white fireball, low on the SW horizon. Lasted a solid four seconds and lit up the whole SW sky! Just thought you might like to know.

  3. I saw three orange orbs, really close, and filmed them in Farnham, Surrey, England. The day before the Queens Jubilee, so that was about the 3rd of June I think! I filmed them too and as I was filming them they turned their lights off after a few seconds and I could see that they were actually disc shaped with a single dot of light on one side that rotated around at a rapid speed. Will upload my video to youtube soon.

  4. Sunny,everything allright? No posts in 5 days. Getting worried. I had some Toasted Oreos again last night, and at around 15 minutes after sunset. I took a series of photos, using a Polarizing and 720 IR filter. Captured one very clear image of a Starfleet looking space ship, a giant living spherical ship, and several energy probes released from both! This all happened directly over Stephenville! Got it on Film! I would have used my Yukon to video tape it. But, there was still too much sunset glow interference. You will not believe the quality of this ONE image. Breathtaking!


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