Friday, May 4, 2012

Cigar-shaped Object Over Riverdale, Bronx, NYC



I received this emailed report today, from a witness in New York City, 

Location: Riverdale, Bronx, New York City, NY
Date of Sighting: April 25, 2012
Time of Sighting:   07:25
Duration of Sighting:  3 minutes
Shape of Object:  Cylinder/Cigar

Recent sighting of object similar to May 3 Dallas UFO

I have been searching the internet trying to find something similar to what I saw in the sky over the Riverdale section of the Bronx, NYC on April 25, 2012 at 7:35 in the morning.  I was stunned by the artist's representation on your site of the UFO seen flying over Dallas on May 3, 2012 because it was shockingly similar to what I saw.

I was on my balcony facing west when I noticed what I first thought was an abnormally low-flying airplane.  We are in the flight path for La Guardia airport and I'm used to seeing aircraft regularly.  As I watched this object, which was traveling south (and NOT in the regular flight path for either take-off or landing at La Guardia), I realized that I couldn't see any wings or tail fins.  I also realized that I couldn't see any windows.  The object was bright white, and the best I can describe it was that it looked like the fuselage of an airplane but with bluntly rounded "nose" and "tail"--sort of like a giant white pill capsule--with a very pale, almost indistinguishable gray band around the middle.  At the same time, or very shortly after, I saw the object, I also saw a regular aircraft traveling west (and perpendicular to the object) along the normal flight path.  The regular aircraft appeared to be much higher than the object I was watching and I was still able to make out its wings and tail fins.  The object I saw was moving along almost leisurely and I kept looking at it as it moved past me to check if I could see wings once I had a rear view of it.  No wings.  No tail fins.  This sighting bothered me because, on the one hand I knew that I had seen something "not right", but on the other hand I was trying to convince myself that it MUST have been an airplane.  So, I began to search the internet and today I found the picture on your site.  What I saw had no windows or cockpit and the nose was as bluntly rounded as the tail.  In fact, the only reason I make a distinction between the nose and tail of the object is because I naturally assumed the object was "following its nose", so to speak as it traveled south.

The sighing lasted at least 3 minutes.  I was awake, on my second cup of coffee and my first cigarette.  I also had my glasses. It was full daylight and a very clear, cloudless day.  The sun (which was behind me and already slightly above my 7-story building) was reflecting off both the object I saw as well as the conventional aircraft I compared it to.

So, thank you for letting me share my sighting.  And thank you, too, for your site.  I am now convinced that I'm not crazy and that I don't need new glasses.


[Name withheld by SW/LITS]


The post which the witness refers to:
Cylinder UFO Over South Dallas - 05/03/2012


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