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Video: Red/orange Lights Over Hernando, MS - 5/26/2012


                             Witness' videos

I received an email last night, from a gentleman, who along with his wife and parents, saw strange red/orange lights in the sky in Hernando, Mississippi.

Hernando, MS is located south of Memphis, Tennessee (I-55).

I corresponded with him and he sent in videos of that event.  Presented here, are those videos and the witness' report.

Location: Hernando, MS
Date: 05/26/2012
Time: 21:00
Shape: Orb/Sphere/Lights

Distance: 1 mile

"My wife, my two parents and I saw something identical to this tonight in Hernando, MS. I also have video of it that I will send you if you'd like to see it."

After I emailed him back and told him I would like to see the video and read his report, he wrote:

"What we saw were several redish, glowing lights in the sky moving very slowly towards the northwest. We live close to Memphis, TN, so I see many planes day and night, and this was certainly not that. They flickered, move very slowly, and faded away slowly over about a 5 to 10 minute time frame. After seeing them, I googled "lights in the sky", and came across a video on your website that showed something very similar to what we saw. The video on your site was from Texas.  I will send the video of what we saw in a separate email.

Here is the video of what we saw tonight. It was around 9pm central time

See Video above.

When I asked him about distance, size of the objects and if they could have been known objects such as 'Chinese lanterns', he replied:

"It's hard for me to estimate, but I'd guess they were about a mile away, probably 1500 ft high and the size would be smaller than a pea at arms length.

I would say that they did look like Chinese lanterns, although I've never seen them in this area, and they were moving against the wind. The wind was moving south/southeast, and they were moving northwest. They were what I'd guess Chinese lanterns look like though

Conclusion:  Could these lights have been Chinese lanterns?  I don't know of any paper lanterns that can float against the wind.  The witness states that the wind was blowing in a direction opposite to the objects travel. 
There is yet to be a definitive answer, as to what these lights were.

If you saw these lights in Hernando, Mississippi, or elsewhere, please report your sighting.

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