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Update: League City, Texas Lights, also seen in Missouri and Pennsylvania

Photo by Mesquite, Texas witness, 5/19/2012
Click on image for larger view.
Photo by Mesquite, Texas witness, 5/19/2012
Click on image for larger view.
Photo by Mesquite, Texas witness, 5/19/2012
Click on images for larger view.

On May 19, 2012, witnesses in Texas, Missouri and Pennsylvania observe red/orange lights in the sky.

These reports were received as either comments to the original post, or emailed directly to me.  Please note that these reports are posted here "as is", with no editing.  However, names have been removed. -SW

Mesquite, TX
We saw this in mesquite texas tonight may 19, 2012. They were just reddish lights hovering in the sky. There were I believe 6. They were slow moving and we watched them about a couple minutes before they disappeared.
It was just about right at 10pm, and I do believe that they were headed north.

Levittown, PA
Me and my girlfriend where standing out back of our home in levittown PA.  we both spotted an unusual object flying over my back yard.  it apperd to be red and orange flickering almost like a camp fire.  it was moving slow at about the height you would expect to see a news helicopter.  there was no noise.  i took out my iPhone and recorded a video of it.  It looks very similar to the picture you have from may 18th over Texas, but there was only one.  i took a look at my compass and it was moving from east to west.  i went straight to my computer to find answers that is how i found this site.  if you have any answers for me please let me know.  if you would like the video im sure i can send it to you, but it is not the best quality.

League City, TX
On May 19th, 2012 around 9:15 pm we also observed these six red lights moving in the sky from our backyard (facing Louisiana Street), going north. After the initial six lights there was one additional light following from a distance. They just faded out after several minutes. (Had enough time to notice them, go inside and get a camera and they were still there).

League City, TX
My son and I saw the lights over League City too...It was amazing, we thought that maybe they were lanterns but they kept formation too well to be...thanks for sharing the pics!

League City, TX
My son and I saw the same thing in League City, Texas about 9:00pm. We were on St. Christopher in the parking lot of Huntcliff Apartments. Then another young lady pulled in and stopped and witnessed it along with us. My son did tell me that him and 2 friends saw the same thing a few weeks ago as they were driving down 270. I kept my eye on the last one as the lights disappear, I could still see some kind of object flying. I never believed in UFO's until last night.

Springfield, MO
We saw orange/red balls in the sky last night while eating dinner outside over Springfield, Mo. They were slow and moving across he sky. No plane we know that. It was so weird to see. May 19th, 2012 we saw 7 of them. It freaked us all out. No flashing, no jet stream sounds, no helicopter sounds. Just big orange balls moving around. This was around 10pm or so.

I know others have to had seen this......

Ozark, MO
My mom and I with other friends in ozark missouri saw the 6 orange balls in the sky while we were grilling. They came from the southwest and were low and bright. This around 10pm to 1030 pm. No sounds whatsoever. None of us could figure this out.

Katy, TX
I found your sight when I googled “strange lights in sky 5-19-12.”  I was directed to a report from League City which is about 30 minutes from where I live in Katy.  I saw the almost the same exact thing as the witnesses in League City except it was Saturday night, 5-19-12 at 9:15 PM. 

I had just returned from the grocery store when I noticed very bright lights travelling from the Southeast and heading West.  The lights were

Orange to red in color.  There were two groups of three lights and they were in roughly the same orientation as the photograph from League City.  They made no sound.  There were no red strobes or green lights like on aircraft.  They moved slowly across the sky.  I was able to follow the first light all the way across the sky until I lost it in Venus (or whatever planet is in the western sky shortly after sunset).  The other lights turned white and then disappeared one by one. 

Unfortunately, I did not have my phone with me; something I really regret now.

It was probably five to six minutes from the time I first saw them to when the last one disappeared.  I wouldn't have any idea how to estimate their altitude.  I think it is their brightness that makes me cautious of their height.  They were so bright in the sky that one part of my mind says they were flying low; less than 5000 feet.  But the first one especially, the one that went all the way across the sky, seemed higher than that.  If i had to guess though, i would say the 5000 feet range.  Lastly, they never moved in relation to one another.  They seemed to stay in a singular formation.  I don't remember seeing stars pass behind them.  But my gut feeling says they were separate objects.  That may come from their lights disappearing at different times. 

See Original Post: League City, Texas: Red/orange objects flying slow and in formation



  1. Hey waited a couple days to see how many posts were made up at 9pm in Katy tx just south of I10 my mother in law took her dog out to the back and she looked up and saw a set of 3 lights going across the sky. They moved slow, no noise, reddish flicker, they moved east to west north west. She called me over and over again to come upside and finally I answered, went outside and saw them too. Here's the difference. As three crossed the sky, three more would appear, always from the same origination point.

    As they crossed the sky they went out. This continued and my mother in law counted 41 total objects going across the sky. They all appeared in the same area and all went out in the same area on the other side. I only saw the last 12 or so but I saw how they moved and appeared/dissapepeared. I did not have time to get a camera but I got one and we both drive out in the direction to see if it would happen again. It didn't.

    41 in total! And that's only what she saw.

  2. Saw same thing on the same night in the western sky of North San Diego, CA. It was a bit before 10 local time. We also figured they were lanterns.

  3. Last thursday night Irving Tx july 19th I saw a bright light over my head that dimmed and what looked like a small ball shape took off into the sky and disapeared 15 mins late I went back outside and what looked like a falling star went from left to right right in front of me - ive been looking online to se if anyone else saw it

  4. Saw two lanter like reddish lights. 1/14/14 9:03pm. They were not together. One by one they looked like red lights. they floated or glided along from west to east. Soon afterThe skies were filled
    what seemed to have been airplanes in
    alert.flying across the skies for anout 30min.

  5. Saw two lanter like reddish lights. 1/14/14 9:03pm. They were not together. One by one they looked like red lights. they floated or glided along from west to east. Soon afterThe skies were filled what seemed to have been airplanes in alert.flying across the skies gorgornout 30min.


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