Saturday, May 7, 2011

UFO Caught in a Satellite Image of Earth


"I was watching the dish earth channel on satellite."

Whether you are a UFO watcher or not, you may have done as I have, sat staring at the Dish Network Satellite image of Earth.  If nothing else, it is a beautiful view of our world.

Recently, one Dish Earth viewer saw something besides Earth, Venus or the Moon, so he took photos of his TV screen.  Below is the unedited report that was submitted to


MUFON Case # 28974

I was watching the dish earth channel showing my wife how the earth looks like from space and saw a round object move through the screen and go behind the earth.At first I thought is was the moon but it was to small and I checked where the moon was supposed to be on that date and it didnt add up. Then I thought it was a planet but it is to big to be one because planets look like dots even through big to be a satillite.I just held my kodak camera up to the T.V and took pictures of it moving and going behind the earth and then coming out the other side and moving out of sight of the dish earth satillite camera.I have been watching the channel since and havent seen it again.I tried to zoom in on my tv screen and get a close up.I downloaded the pics to my computer and sending them to you. Ithink my date on camera was wrong but the date on the dish earth channel is on there. Im sure you could get the actual footage from dish earth channel since I have their time and date on the pics. If you find out what it is tell me please.I have over 60 pics I took going through the screen I dont know If I attached them send to you the right way If you didnt get them all let me know and I will try again. Thank you for your time.

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Dish Earth

 EchoStar 11 spacecraft, a high powered satellite launched in 2008, to a geosynchronous orbit at 110 degrees west longitude, providing video service for DISH Network customers.

In April of 2009, the DISH Network Channel announced the launch of DISH Earth, a channel exclusively available to DISH Network customers.  Dish Earth offers live views of Earth 24 hours per day and can be seen on Dish Network, Channel 287.

A camera offering a 30 degree x 22.4 degree field-of-view of Earth, was installed on DISH Network's EchoStar 11 satellite, providing the world's first Earth-directed camera mounted on a commercial communications satellite, from a distance of approximately 22,300 miles above Earth.

With a resolution of about 20 km per pixel, the camera aboard EchoStar 11 and located over the western hemisphere, allows us to observe objects in the visible spectrum (similar to the human eye), Earth's night/day cycles, weather patterns and seasonal changes, including views of the moon, Venus and even an occasional unidentified flying object.


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  1. That Dish Earth object is the moon, from 272,000 miles away. It looks so small compared to the earth because the earth is only 22,300 miles away from the camera, less than 1/10 the distance to the moon.


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