Saturday, May 28, 2011

Black Sphere In Sky Over Centreville, VA

This report is from a witness in Centreville, Virginia, who had a daytime sighting of a black sphere.

MUFON Case #  29288
Date:    2011-05-28
Time:    15:30
City:    Centreville
State:    Virginia
Shape:    Circle,Sphere
Duration:    03:25:00
Summary:    Black Sphere Hovered in Sky Until Obscured By Clouds

I went out for a smoke at approximately 3:25 p.m. I was sky-gazing; merely looking at clouds. When I was done with the cigarette, I looked up at a 45 degree angle toward the North West sky, I noticed an object hovering. It was completely still, despite it being very windy at that moment. I observed it hovering in the blue sky for approximately a minute and half until a dark cloud passed under it, and it was gone. I waited for the cloud to move, and it was no longer there. After that I stayed out for another 10 minutes to see if it had perhaps moved to a different location, which it had not.

Once I noticed the object, I pulled out my phone to record it. When I finally went inside, I uploaded it to my computer to review the video, but the phones camera didn't seem to have picked it up.

If it makes a difference, I had been outside all day until then, and the air traffic was very light, despite it being memorial day weekend.

The weather was partly cloudy and windy, with maybe 50% of the sky having scattered clouds.

I have extensive knowledge of aircraft, military and commercial, as well knowledge of air traffic patterns in the area.


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  1. I saw the same thing in Colorado this evening around 5:30 pm MDT. I had my step son verify what I was seeing. We got out the binoculars and could get a good look at it. It was a black sphere moving at about the same speed as a helicopter. It flew in a straight pattern. It looked like a big black dot in the sky from the naked eye. With binocs gave a better detail, almost like a round blimp, but high quality and smaller than a helicopter. My thoughts was USAF operated stealthy uav not released to the public yet.


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