Sunday, May 29, 2011

Coleman,TX, May 29, 2011-Red Light Streaks Across Sky

I received an email from a man in Coleman, Texas.  His UFO sighting took place between 01:30 and 01:45 hrs, the morning of Sunday, May 29, 2011.

If you witnessed this event, please contact me.
Thank you- SW


I'm located in Coleman, Tx and I witnessed a high speed object of some kind traveling east in the northern sky with a long tail between 1:30-1:45am May 29.
It was traveling at a very high rate of speed, had a deep red coloring in the tail, and it also looked quite big. Also the trajectory of the object didn't seem to curve as it would if it would of been a shooting star, entering the upper atmosphere.
This objects trajectory was very flat and disappeared behind the trees. I heard no sound but it appeared to be no higher than a low flying aircraft.
I live next to a small commercial airport and am accustomed to seeing low flying single engine planes flying over night and day. I'm hoping someone else in the area is stargazing tonight and can backup what I saw

(Name withheld by SW/LITS)


Abilene Area Sightings Opportunities
ISS/Shuttle Schedule courtesy NASA


Note: Above is the Schedule for the ISS and Space Shuttle for the Abilene, Texas area, for May 27- June 11, 2011.  It rules out any chance the witness in Coleman saw either space craft.  Even if these craft did pass overhead, no one would be able to see them with the naked eye, at that time of night.
The International Space Station and Space Shuttle are visible in the early morning, or early evening hours, due to sun reflection on the craft. -SW

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  1. I saw it too! My roommates and I were standing on the back porch and one of them said, "oh look, a shooting star!" We all thought that by the time we turned around it would be gone, but it went for about 7 or 10 seconds and traveled completely across the sky. It was very red in color and looked much closer than a shooting star. It happened just before 1.45am. Denton area.


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