Friday, May 20, 2011

Black Sphere Seen Near Belgrade, Montana

Depiction of black sphere.

Witness reports to MUFON, of having seen a black sphere near Belgrade, Montana.
Report is "as is" with no corrections.

MUFON Case # 29141
Date:    2011-05-15
Time:   10:10
City:    Belgrade
State:    Montana
Shape:    Sphere
Summary:    3'-4' diameter black sphere

On Sunday morning I was heading south out of belgrade, mt on hwy 191 to go to my business to retreive something i forgot. Anyway, as i was driving by this meadow, which is completely devoid of trees and completely flat, i noticed a black sphere approximately 3-4 ft in diameter heading north at about 40 - 50 feet off the ground, 150 - 200 yards off the highway and moving at about 20-30 mph. My first thought was that it was a balloon, but the wind that morning was out of the east and blowing real hard and this thing was not being buffeted by the wind whatsoever. It continued unaffecated by the wind for a distance of about 200 yds, bobbled a couple of times and rapidly decended to a height of about 8-10 ft and just sat there. I watched for a bit and seeing no further movement went on my way.

Now was this a balloon? NO. Was it a government spy drone? Possibly, but why would it be in some farmers' vacant field in Montana? My personal feeling on what this could be is that it was an alien probe of some kind. Possible looking for cattle to do some of that weird cattle mutilation **** to. It might be worth talking to the people that live near by to see if they have seen anything like this before or that morning. I wish I was able to get my camera off the floor of my truck to get a video clip, but i'm recovering from a broken clavicle (No, I wasn't high on pain meds!). If I ever see one of these again, hopefully, I can get some footage or even shoot it down so we can see what it really was.
If you go to google video search and type in "black orb ufo close" there is a video of one of these things and it is EXACTLY like what i saw, but i think this video may be computer generated. what i saw WAS NOT!!


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