Friday, May 13, 2011

Mailbag: Alien Probe Seen In Austin Resident's Yard?

Depiction of Lights seen in Austin Resident's back yard.  By SW

I received this report from a reader in Austin, Texas:

Hi Skywatcher,

Thanks for such a great site. I've been perusing your site since since August 2010 or so and have been enjoying it very much.

I am always very interested in the subject of UFO's and have seen a variety of lights and/or objects though never reported anything directly to MUFON or other agencies.  I don't particularly think this warrants a report on your site, though you might find it interesting none the less.

I was home in NE Austin early on May 4th, 2011, a Wednesday evening and was sitting and wading through various programs on t.v.  My T.V. faces at an angle away from a wall with an outside window set into it.  It was about dusk. It was dim outside though I could still easily see the fence out back, a shed to one side, and the slight hint of light from under my outdoor porch.  The window is shuttered though I happened to have the shutters fully open and could see well through the large slat spaces. There is -no- reflection on this window from the television nor any other window.  Nothing was moving in the room I was sitting on to give any kind of reflection.

My eyes were drawn to this window by a sense of movement outside and I suddenly saw two lights traveling past parallel to that side of the house.  As I had an outside porch pillar to gauge distance by, I would say they were about 10-12 feet from the window itself and passed just over the outer edges of the porch.  The two lights were different colors, the front light being bright orange yellow, the smaller light was a darker red.  The smaller light was slightly obscured by the orange light but seemed to float just ahead and to one side of the larger one. As it was so close, I would say the larger light may have been about tennis ball size or perhaps slightly larger, the smaller light about half that size.  I cannot say how fast they were going. Faster than a man walking by though slower than a runner.  Their rate of speed was just enough to attract my attention,allow me to focus on them and watch them move past in sync.

I heard absolutely nothing (other than my t.v.)and my dog who is extremely sensitive to noises around the house did not react at all.  A neighbors six foot fence lies in the direction they came from and they were headed in a direct line to another neighbors house ( if they ever reached it)
Their movement was in what seemed to be a very straight line from one side of the yard to the other. ( approx north to south)  I could only see on the side of the house I was sitting on.. probably 1/3 to 1/4 of my yards distance?. They were gone by the time I got up to investigate further. Within about 30 seconds of their passing.. fireflies began to rise.  I do not believe I was mistaken and saw fireflies. The lights never flickered, they were -much- larger than the flickering fireflies.. and the only fireflies I saw afterwards were whitish in color.  The orbs were also much brighter than the random wavering lines that rose upwards from my yard thereafter.

I was definitely startled to see this in my own backyard.  I felt no fear of the phenomenon, only a sense of shocked curiosity. In fact, after sitting a few moments once the fireflies began to rise, I stood, looked out the window and called a like-minded friend to report my experience.

On a side note.. I do not consider these orbs anything like the more commonly known spirit or ghost orbs. These were bright, well formed.. and floated/zipped past in what seemed to be a straight line, much as one mighty expect an intelligently directed probe to behave like. Very unlike any kind of spirit activity I have noted. ( Though I call them probes or 'machines'. I have - no- idea what they were other than a sense they were not 'spirit' related.  They were truly unidentified flying objects, however small.)

Thanks for your time,

Austin Experiencer


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