Thursday, March 21, 2013

UFO Investigator Observes Brilliant Orange Orb of Light

Although the image above is an actual photo of the location just after the sighting, the orange dot is merely a rendering and not the actual object.  Photo taken with my Samsung Infuse Smart Phone.  -SW/LITS
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OK folks, I saw something unusual, early this morning.  Here is my official report.

Location:       Breckenridge, Texas

Date of Sighting:  March 21, 2013
Time of Sighting:     02:30 (AM)
Duration of Sighting: Approx. 2 minutes
Object shape:  Orb
Object characteristics: Brilliant orange ball of light
Object Path:  Straight line path

Distance: Over 1 mile
Size of Object:  Unknown

Summary:  Brilliant orange light moving across and above the Northern horizon.

The date was 3/21/2013.  I was letting my dogs in at 2:30 am, when I noticed a brilliant orange light ball of light approximately 4 to 5 degrees above the Northern horizon.  I could just make it out over the top of some distant trees.

When I first noticed the light, it was approximately 10 degrees West of True North.  When the light disappeared, it was approximately 5 degrees West of True North, having traveled more or less 5 degrees (level path).

At first I thought it was a new guard (pole) light I had not noticed before but then as I stared at it, the light seemed to be moving very slowly towards the East.

I grabbed my binoculars but still could only see a brilliant orange light; no structure or craft was visible.  The object momentarily moved behind a larger group of trees, then reappeared for perhaps 10 seconds.  Before I could take a photo, the light vanished as if it winked out.  

I stood watch for several minutes to see if it would return but it never did.

I also want to note that this object was apparently over large power lines, which run north of my location.


As I stated in the report, I honestly thought at first it was a new guard light.  However, it was a degree or two higher than any of the guard lights (at that distance), in the photo that I took afterwards, plus guard lights on poles do not move

I placed the orange dot on the photo to represent how I saw it, though the dot cannot come close to showing how brilliant this object was.  If I had been standing near this object, it would have been too bright to look at.

The image above is an actual photo of the location just after the sighting but the orange dot is merely a rendering, not the actual object.



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