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Photos of Lights Over Georgetown, Texas- November 4, 2012

Image provided by witness, courtesy MUFON.
(Cropped, enlarged view of original photo submitted to MUFON.)


A witness reported to MUFON that lights were observed by several residents of Georgetown, TX, on November 4, 2012.

Here is that unedited report and photos.


MUFON Case # 46135
Location: Georgetown, Texas
Date of Sighting: 11/04/2012
Time of Sighting: 7:00 PM
Viewing Distance: Unknown

Sighting Duration: Undisclosed
Object Features: Patterned Surface
Object Flight Path: Stationary,Hovering then path,Straight-line path,Path with directional change,Path then hovering
Object Shape:     Circle, Sphere, Star-like
Summary: Pulsating orbs that changed altitude and direction separate from each other. There were 8 of them in 2 lines when the top line of 4 went out there remained 4 and then disappeared.

My son was home alone while I had gone to Subway to get some dinner with his friend. While in line we were sent a picture through text of what he was seeing out of the back door of our home at the tree lines where there is nothing but cows and pasture with lines of trees. By the time I returned he explained that originally he was alerted by our three dogs who were barking and growling like there was a prowler to 8 lights in the lit sky above this treeline which were in 2 horizontal lines. By the time he got his phone out of his pocket to snap a picture of the lights there only remained the bottom line of 4 lights. When I returned the sky was still well lit but dusk was coming. There were no objects and we all looked to the direction where he had seen them. We sat on our patio to eat our sandwiches when his friend, looked up in that direction and said, What the hell! We all then looked up while moving to the door and seeing the 4 objects hovering above the treeline. We stood there just staring and watching trying to see what else was around in the sky or on the ground; nothing. We also watched the cars going by to see if any looked up and pulled over... we saw nothing to that effect. I did call my neighbor across the street who also looked out her front door and saw them too. As we watched the round objects they began to move up and down individually from each other and at times go below the treeline. Then they began to move fast to the east and west. At this time we noticed that they began to change color to orange and red while appearing to pulsate. This continued until the sun set completely and one by one they disappeared but I couldn't say if the lights just went out or they left because their movements were so fast. We felt unable to stop looking at them and felt excited and confused about what we were watching with anticipation (of what I have no clue). We felt sad when they disappeared and kept looking in that direction to see if they have returned to this day. The three of us 'knew' it was off-planet but weren't sure if there was a bigger craft, but felt there was. We also felt the bigger craft that seemed to also be present due to the 'orbs' seeming to enter/disappear and reappear, was invisible because we could see the surrounding area plainly.

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