Friday, March 22, 2013

Unidentified Object in Sky Over Granbury, Texas

Above image is a rendering.


I received an email from a friend in Granbury, Texas.  Here is his report.

Date: 2/24/2013
Time: 05:20 (AM)

Hi Sunny,
At 5:20 am, on the morning of Sunday, February 24th, I witnessed a UFO that appeared to be a satellite at first. I was observing a white light traveling East to West, when it slowly changed into a red light and became engulfed in flames. I saw white hot, red and orange embers flying off of this glowing red object. As though it were a fireball meteor (Bolide).

The UFO made a hard, sharp turn to the South and slowly returned to the original dull white light. Then approx. three seconds later, a massive bright Pink light flared up from the object, and I had to block the blinding light from my eyes. The object began to speed up, leaving a pink trail in the sky.

Five seconds later, another bright flash of light and a colored streak in the sky.  This time it was a brilliant red and the UFO was picking up speed. Still heading due South and flying very high up in altitude.

Twelve seconds later, a bright flash of purple light and a matching colored streak.

The final flash of light and streak, was a beautiful Sapphire Blue and very low on the horizon. At about 25 seconds after the purple flash.

By this time the UFO appeared to be traveling at the same speed, at which it made entry into our atmosphere. Definitely under intelligent control, appearing to follow a purposeful flight. I could also hear a faint thruster sound in the sky, many seconds after the first three flashes of light. The final blue flash and streak was evidently too far away for me to hear.

I heard on the radio, that several witnesses called in to report seeing brilliant colored streaks of light in the East Texas skies. Around 2:30 AM, Wednesday the 27th. I believe they saw the same ship. Not some Chinese rocket falling back to Earth, as reported by NORAD and NASA.

I was completely blown away by this two minute event and stood there for several minutes, collecting bugs with my mouth! This spaceship was absolutely amazing and acted like it was picking up satellites, or something like that. Flew with complete impunity and acted like it had done this before.

This object was spotted directly above my house in Granbury.

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]


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  1. Just saw a similar object hovering in the north east sky. It appeared to speed up then slow down. The color was an amber looking object which at first I thought was a meteor, but when it change directions several times I knew it was something else. It appeared to be going down, and happened around 8:15mst .


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