Friday, June 14, 2013

Glass-like Sphere Over Fort Worth, 6-12-2013

A Fort Worth resident reported to MUFON that they observed a translucent, glass-like "ball" in the sky.
This report is posted here, unedited.

MUFON Case # 48112    
Location:  Fort Worth, TX
Date: 06-12-2013
Shape: Sphere

Summary: Sphere like object very bright started moving slowly away, the light dimmed leaving outline of sphere, transparent and then disappeared.   

Ive been interested in the Universe and physics for most of my life. Ive spent many nights just gazing at the stars looking for unusual objects. Ive seen hundreds of satellites moving slowly across the night sky. Ive seen the space station as light reflected off of it from the sun as it moved across the sky. I used to see them more frequently living on a farm in Cross Plains, Texas. Now living in the city the lights keep me from seeing such a large number of stars and planets, but on some nights the visibility is good. On several occasions recently Ive see what I initially thought was a satellite moving across the sky only to see it make a complete u turn and head the opposite direction and Ive seen small dimly lit objects moving in different directions across the night sky changing speeds but nothing I could say for sure it was a UFO.

Last night I was having a hard time sleeping, so at 4:00 am I got up and went out to the front porch, it was a good clear night. When I first stepped outside I look across the street toward the Western Sky where I frequently see bright planets and stars, but when I looked up this time I immediately saw this very bright circular object, it was a bright as a car head lamp at one block away. It didnt cast a beam, it glowed brightly. I first thought to myself wow that is the brightest planet Ive ever seen, not even thinking about UFOs. As I stood there for a few seconds it started moving away from me, so I sort of ran toward the road to get a better view. As I did this, the light started to dim until all that was left was a round transparent sphere. It looked like a clear glass ball in the sky. As it kept moving away it slowly disappeared out of sight. I actually stood there for a few minutes with my mouth wide open staring at the sky. This was like nothing Ive seen before. it was big and bright and made no sound. I didnt see any air traffic around for several minutes. I know the patterns the planes take as they approach the airports or take off. I also see fighter jets as they take off from Carswell, they usually fly very high once they get this far. This object was within our atmosphere. Hard to tell how high but to guess 5,000 ft or less. At that height I would guess it was 300 feet in diameter. It emitted its own light, not a reflection.


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  1. I saw the same thing on a clear blue sky in broad daylight I did not think they emitted that much light that they could be seen at night but I guess they do it was just lighter than the sky around it they are so cool did you ever see them fight each other I did they shoot red laser beams and the 'loser' flashes Red and turns to smoke and the smoke disappears so I guess they photonize each other also they are blinkers they teleport into and out of existence as well as regenerate their entire glass space ship after nearly being destroyed nanotechnologically 'block by block' well the ones I saw did all of this and with these ufos they make you think you are not seeing ufos or will not think much of it until like 5 years later I thought I had water in my eyes like water drops in the form of circles but then they started doing stuff and stuff I wonder if this is the same type of ufo that makes its own smoke like clouds to disguise itself like some pictures I have seen of up close also I later saw a picture of the exsact same ufo on internet but sadly it was removed


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