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Detailed Description of Dark Triangle UFO Over Lumbeton, Texas, 1999


A witness recalls a 1999 sighting, of a backwards flying triangular-shaped UFO.
Here is that report as it was submitted to MUFON.  It is unedited.


MUFON Case # 47787
Location: Lumberton, Texas
Date of Sighting: 09/01/1999
Object shape: Triangle
Summary: Black triangle UFO flying backwards; Very close sighting.

This incident occurred roughly 13 years ago. As much as Ive obsessed over this event, its odd that I dont have a record of this that states the exact date and time. I may have had something a few years ago, but if the information was in that notebook its long gone now.

In appx. 1999, unsure of month, on appx. 10:30-11:30 pm CST, I was standing outside in my mothers front yard on Keith Road in Lumberton, Texas.

She and I had just returned from a later than usual night of delivering repaired jewelry to various clients, she owned a small jewelry repair store in Beaumont, Texas at the time.

(Id like to note that while I believe we had just returned, Im not 100 percent on that. Its possible that that may have been a different night.)

I must have retrieved the wireless phone from inside the house and then went outside to talk to my friend James on the phone. At that time, we were both very interested in the idea of aliens and really just about anything paranormal. I was observing a satellite in the night sky, N-NW of the direction I was facing.

Three houses sat, and still sit, across the street in a small, private drive owned by the family members that reside there. That drive is perpendicular to Keith road and almost directly across the street from, what was then, my mothers driveway.

The tree line behind these homes consists of mostly tall pine trees, roughly 60-70 feet in height. Pretty dense too - nothing can be observed through the trees (Homes, et cetera). Following the tree line, the trees in the back sort of curve around and behind the leftmost home and back to the street - so from my perspective on the ground, I have a larger view of the sky toward the center of this clearing made by the home construction and less of a view toward the left and right, as those tress were closer to me (left). Trees toward the right followed the road back, but further view this direction was also obscured by trees on other lots further down.

Ironically, we were talking about UFOs and aliens when the sighting occurred.

Not too long after James and I were on the phone a large craft became visible from behind the left of the tree line across the street.

Whatever it was, it was moving extremely slow, Im guessing appx. 5 miles per hour.

It was a black triangle. Yes, I know how cliche this is, but it is what it is however, heres something that isnt cliche (at least I don;t believe it is). The triangle was moving backward. Backward!

At the time I wasnt, but Im now an electrical engineer. I graduated top of my class from one of the best engineering departments in the country. Ive worked with NASA. Ive been weightless aboard a modified C9-B aircraft. I almost went to work for Lockheed Martin as a ballistic missiles systems engineer. The point Im trying to make is that I now understand principles required for flight. I understand the dynamics involved and I know, without a fraction of a doubt, what I saw that night. Heres the thing - It wasnt an airplane. It wasnt a balloon. It wasnt anything that Ive ever seen... and Ive looked, extensively. It also wasnt conforming to any conventional methods of flight. Period. This thing used something else entirely. Nothing that big can move that slow without utilizing a different technology altogether.

The craft continued on an eastern-ly path. Its course never shifted, nor did its speed. I was able to examine the craft for at least 3-8 mins. Closely too!

The craft had two red lights and one white, systematically-blinking light.

Each light was in one corner of the UFO. The white light was at the back, or what Im going to refer to as the top of the UFO.

The "tail" light blinked about every second or so - when it did blink, I could make out ridges, or lines running perpendicular to the "base" of the craft, well almost to the "base," it was very large, so that light didnt illuminate the entire side of the craft... about 1/2-3/4 of it Id say.

There werent any other noticeable features. It wasnt shiny, as I recall the ridges texture resembled something like that of a spray-in bed liner for pickup trucks.

Immediately after seeing this thing in the sky, I made a comment to my friend on the phone and then, Im guessing, let him go because of the excitement.

I, hesitantly, ran into the house to try and grab a camera. There happened to one near the door, but the film was completely used so I had nothing to visually document the UFO.

My mother was asleep on the couch, and didnt wake up in time to witness the event.

I ran back outside and observed the craft continue to move toward the east and then disappear behind the tree line.

Not at any point did someone drive down the road. Ive never seen anyone report this sighting and its really boggling that no one did as a major highway runs to the west of that position.

Id love it if someone could let me know if there have been similar sightings. This is something that has been of extreme interest to me for some time now, for obvious reasons.


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