Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Strange Light In Sky Over Meadow, Texas

Artist rendering by SW/LITS

I received a report of a UFO from a witness in Meadow, Texas.

Meadow, TX

My boys and I were driving home from Lubbock, TX to the country part of Meadow, TX. We were driving West on Hwy 211 when we noticed something in the sky at approximately 6:45 pm. We just watched thousands of Canadian Geese appear to be flying South. As we continued down the road, we noticed a jet to the left with a normal vapor trail. But to the right, there was a much shorter but thicker trail. No idea what it was. So we watched it all the way from Lubbock Hwy to Hwy 303 while traveling on 211. It started out as being a thick short white trail traveling in our direction. From what I know, I could have only assumed it was a meteor being seen outside our atmosphere. But as we continued our journey, we noticed that once we crossed Hwy 385, it appeared to be traveling in the same direction as we were. As we approached the road to our home hwy 303, it actually had by then changed to a light glowing red color like a tiny fire and eventually appeared to be traveling back up. My oldest boy is 14 and he and I are the ones who watched this intently. I just want to know if anyone else saw the same thing or if maybe our minds were just so bumfuzzled by the event that we imagined it changing directions and the setting sun gave it the appearance of changing colors.

2nd email:

This happened yesterday evening. It appeared to be about an inch long if i were to guess. We watched this for approximately ten minutes until we got to our home where trees then blocked our view. I can't say whether it was still visible or not after we arrived home. With all the meteor reports from Russia and the one over California, this is what we initially thought. But as i said before, it looked like it changed directions and color but we are not sure. It was very interesting and strange.
[Name withheld by SW/LITS]


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