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Recently Reported UFO Sightings In Texas

Watching UFOs - Sunny Williams / Lights in the Texas Sky


Here are UFO sightings reports from around Texas, which were submitted to MUFON between 02/12/2013 and 02/22/2013.

The reports are listed by the date of the sightings event and are unedited.

Jenkins, TX
10:44 PM
Summary: Red Orange Glowing Rectangular

A friend and I were on the way home on HWY 259 headed north. As we came over the hill prior to the bridge over lone star lake, we saw straight ahead an red orange glow in the sky just above the clouds. This was a huge glow. Our first thought was a house fire or something of the sort. So we immediately turned off the highway and drove towards the light, only the further we drove west to it the farther west it would get from us. about 15 min later it just whooshed up and away into the clouds.

We were baffled by the experience and I still would like to know what it was over Jenkins, Texas.


Henderson, TX
2:30 AM    
Summary: multiple glowing orbs with slightly shiny surface when not emmiting light and I also started getting headaches when the lights started getting much brighter and more colors started to appear   

it was about 2 to 3 oclock in the morning when I couldnt sleep so I thought I go outside get some fresh air. then I started to notice a small pulsating light at the corner of my eye.
I first noticed the light when it started to get bigger and brighter. When it started to cross the sky in crazy patterns and then more objects suddenly appeared. They began to pulsate sequintually while still getting brighter. After about an hour,all but one of the objects dissappeared. Then the last object got much brighter and while rising swiftly to the sky started pulsating and concentrated on the blues and greens (prevously emmiting a whide variety of colors). While the object was flashing blue and green I started to get violent headaches that lasted only about 1 - 2 minutes then then the object turned solid white and shot across the sky. If I blinked I probably would have missed it going away. As soon as the object was out of sight my headache stopped. For a moment when I was having the headache I thougt I heard a weird sounding voice. It seemed to be a language of some sort but the voice did not sound like a person. I could not figuer out what the voice was saying. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING CRAZY. after all but 1 of the object disappeared I was feeling very uncompfertable and sick to my stomach. Thats all I can remember.


Tilden, TX
12:00 AM
Summary: Bright orange lights, fading in and out for a few seconds at a time, travelling slowly

I work nights in a remote area with very little light. I first observed the lights while sitting in my work truck around 2100 hrs, they were 800-1000 meters SE of my location at about 50-100 feet off the ground. I immediately got out to get a better view, the lights were only visible for approximately 5-10 seconds. Not enough time to take a cell phone video.

They were organized in a horizontal line traveling slowly to the west. I am not sure if the lights were part of a larger object or separate from one another. They emitted a very bright orange light and faded in and out sequentially, the rear light would fade out and then reappear in front. Possibly indicating a rotating object? I can only speculate. If it was an aircraft it was moving to slow to achieve aerodynamic lift and I could not hear any noise.

After the lights were gone I continued scanning the sky to see if they would reappear somewhere else. After a few minutes I spotted two orange lights hovering near a brightly lit drilling rig 5-10 miles to the west. These two moved independently of each other moving slowly in opposite directions. They were visible for about 15 seconds and were also somewhat dimmer. A few more minutes passed and I observed a single orange light hovering above the rig for around 10 seconds.

Finally after 20 minutes of continued observation I saw a dim orange light at what seemed to be a far distance(20+miles)climbing in elevation of a few thousand feet at 20-30ยบ from my viewpoint before it faded out.

The lights seemed to be followed by two aircraft but I cant be certain. The planes appeared to be on a SW intercept course with one at low elevation and the other high. There is an airforce base nearby and their course came from that direction. The planes made a about a 50 mile loop and returned in the direction they came. Not sure if their presence was related.

I have seen similar lights before so I was sure that these were the same lights. I was pretty freaked out with the hair on my next standing up, its not something I can explain. Could be natural, man made, or of a higher intelligence. A truck driver asked if I "had seen any UFOs" about an hour earlier. I wonder if he saw the same thing.


Carrollton, TX
12:00 AM
Summary: Noticed 2 unknown stars in Canis Major. First they were still. Then they moved straight down and faded out.

I was in the backyard and looked up at Orion then looked at Canis Major. I saw nothing unusual. I walked across my backyard and threw something in the trash and I looked back up at Canis Major and noticed that between the top two stars were two stars I have never seen before. They were as bright as the stars in Canis Major and were about as far apart as the two top stars of Canis Major. These lights were vertical and made a diamond shape with the top two stars of Canis Major, where the top two stars of Canis Major were horizontal. I looked in confusion because I have never notice these stars there before. They were completely still and when I was about to accept them as stars I have never seen, they started moving straight down in tandem. The space between them remained consistent as if they were lights at each end of one object. They moved slowly but steadily for about 15 seconds until they faded out.


San Antonio, TX
9:00 PM
Summary: Cluster of about 10 red lights appeared in the sky. Various witnesses pulled over watching them.

I was driving home heading west on loop 1604 in San Antonio. I was talking to my wife on the phone when I see a shooting star. I hang up with my wife and continue driving. I noticed cars on the side of the road but I thought they had just broken down. I then turn north and witness more cars pulled over. I turn west again and look up and see a cluster of red lights in the sky. I try my best not to take my eyes off of the them. I pull over and grab my iPhone and attempt to take video. The video only shows black since camera phones are meant to record at such distances. I observe the objects moving in different directions. One starts to pick up speed and is moving directly over me. The rest are still clustered together. The light above me suddenly disappears. I continue observing the cluster but they seem to be fading away one by one. Suddenly they are all gone.


Plano, TX
Summary: Yellow triangle shape lights over Plano TX

I was outside on the patio with friends just enjoying the evening...when I saw those 3 yellow lights in a perfect triangle shape emerging in the distance from behind the silhouette of the roof.

Lights were not blinking, and no sound was heard. Speed felt fairly slow... the triangle shape remain steady throughout the observation until I lost visibility behind a tree and house.

It was striking weird to all people around me who witness this (about 6 person)

First thing that came to mind was 3 planes in formation, but the color of the light and the fact that no sound could be heard was rather strange.

See link for video I shot with my phone.


South Houston, TX
12:00 PM
Summary: 4 orb like objects and 1 rocket like with wings    

I was sitting outside with my dogs, enjoying the beautifully clear day, watching the birds chasing each other, when I just happened to look up just above my roof and in the far distance I saw a shiny white/greyish orb like object just appear out of nowhere. I was kind of hovering, yet possibly moving very slow. I called out to my partner to come outside and see what I was seeing. The 1st orb like object appeared in the east and traveled in a SE direction at a slow rate of speed and just disappeared within 10 minutes. After the 1st orb disappeared a 2nd shiny white/greyish orb appeared in almost the exact spot as the 1st on did. The 2nd orb also traveled in a SE direction, but it was faster and zigzagged, it disappeared within 15-20 seconds. After the 2nd one disappeared a pinkish/translucent rocket like object with several wings appeared and was moving at a very slow rate of speed in a southern direction. The rocket like object then seemed as it sped up, when it sped up a 3rd orb like object appeared just behind it and seemed to start chasing it. Both the rocket like object and the 3rd orb sped up very fast and the just disappeared into thin air in about 30 seconds. I had my cell phone on and was recording all three, I went inside to download the video, and only one came out and was abruptly cut short. I then decided to go back outside and see if I could see anything else. I was outside for about 3 minutes when I noticed another orb appear, this orb seemed as though it was either flashing or spinning, it too was traveling in a SE direction. I then called out for my partner to come back out because I spotted another orb. My partner and her brother both came outside, as we were watching the 4th orb a drone like craft came out of the west, moving in a SE direction at a high rate of speed. The drone like object then began chasing the flashing orb, the both disappeared into thin air within 20-30 seconds. I was unsure of what I had just seen, but I do know they were nothing I have ever seen before. None of the objects acted like any plane, blimp or balloon.


Grand Prairie, TX
5:55 PM    
Summary: Just before sunset dropped below Cirrus clouds then slowly ascended through clouds till gone.

I was taking a walk with my daughter(6) who was scootering along the Fish Creek Linear Trail. The sun was setting, clouds were amazingly beautiful. We were observing jets flying by, some with vapor trails and some without. When out of nowhere to the NE a Huge dull metal boomerang shaped craft, approximately 2 to 4 times the size of the jets, descended vertically through the cirrus looking clouds, hovered for approximately 30-40 seconds in plain view, then ascended vertically back through, it could be seen for a little while through the clouds but then disappeared. There was quite a breeze and I saw the clouds slowly flowing by the craft, it was not effected by the wind, it remained stationary. This event was observed by my daughter and I. I immediate knew it was not a plane, balloon, bird, hang glider, optical illusion, or reflection. I had no huge emotions or feelings just curiosity, wanting to see it again or find out more about it. After arriving home I asked my daughter to draw a picture of the object. She drew it exactly how I saw it, same exact shape and she even shaded it with a pencil to show exact color.


Arlington, TX
11:15 PM
Summary: Very vivid, fast, erratically flying, blue and red illuminated aircraft

Saw one very bright, very vivid object maneuvering like nothing Ive ever seen before. Best approximation is that it was 1000-2000 feet off the ground, though could be as much as a mile. This approximation is based on scrutiny against fixed ground objects as well as my inability to focus on any sharp edges of the object. Size of the object from my perspective, if height estimations are correct, is at least as big as a large commercial airliner. I was driving alone when I first saw it, but there were other cars on the road. I saw at least one person slow down almost to a stop to look at it, but they did not stop, so I can not speak for them.

As I was traveling east, the object came into view from my left (north) and accelerated to my right (south). It have never seen an object like this in the sky before, so I had no idea what it was. It was a definite acceleration from left to right. Nothing like Ive ever seen an airplane do, and I have been traveling right next to DFW airport for work for many years. It decelerated even more quickly and hovered to my right for many tens of seconds. I parked my car and got out. Though I was moving about a bit in excitement, I could tell it was spending some time in its position in a stationary hold, and would also "bob" a bit as well. Then it started moving back toward the north. It didnt follow a perfectly horizontal trajectory. It seemed to bob up and down ever so slightly as it traveled north. It exhibited a few other small momentary stops, starts, and non-linear movements, though I do not remember them precisely.

When it got back to approximately the same location as where I first saw it (from left to right and back, Id say the span equaled about 90- to 100-degrees in my best estimation, with an elevation of approximately 70- to 80-degrees off the horizon), it again very quickly decelerated and stopped. It hovered there for what seemed to be more tens of seconds, then quickly ascended vertically. It stopped again and then descended vertically below the tree line. I ran back to my car to try to find it again, but could not.

I have video as well. It is not extremely high quality, but I made sure to rest my phone against a light pole to minimize camera shake and did my best to align the focus point with the object. Unfortunately, in my excitement, I did not pay attention to the orientation of my phone, so the original videos are upside-down. I have two clips of the object (about five minutes total).

The object was a very vivid configuration of red and blue lights. It was blue (almost violet) in the middle, with red affects surrounding the blue. It appeared to change angles as I watched it, but it seemed to be a somewhat flat disc configuration with the blue in the middle. The colors did not pulse, nor did they seem to change in wavelength. They were much, much larger than any of the blue and red beacon lights Ive ever seen on an airplane. The lights seemed to fill the span of the object with very little space between them. It also did not make any sound that I could hear.

I do not rule out the possibility of my estimations of its elevations being incorrect and it being a police drone, but it is VERY difficult for me to believe that is the case due to its quite apparent size given my very careful (as well as I could) approximation of its elevation. It would have to be one huge drone that moved very, very quickly. Given the sizes of drones Ive seen, it would have to be much, much lower in the sky than this object appeared to be as big as it was from my point of view.

I was very excited when I saw the object. I hear people talk about "UFOs" a lot and am quite fascinated with the phenomenon myself, but I have never actually seen anything that made me think something extraordinary was happening. I have a very specific list of criteria I require before Ill believe something is truly a "UFO" and not something mundane. This object passed muster by a long shot. Its erratic and extremely unusual flight characteristics were undeniable, as were its supposed speeds and accel/decel capabilities from my perspective. I was very excited during the experience and still am.

I would be happy to share the video files. They are quite large and are upside-down though. I will attempt to compress them and rotate them, but will also happily share the unedited originals if required/helpful.


                  Source of reports:  MUFON


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