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Star-like UFO Observed Near Crosby, Texas - 02/15/2013

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I received an email from a gentleman in Crosby, Texas.  He was requesting assistance in filing a report.

I sent him questions to answer, which he complied, then he contacted me by phone. 

This report is a compilation of both written and oral reports.

Location of Sighting: Crosby, Texas

Date and time of the sighting: 01/15/2013 at Approx. 3:30 AM

How long did the sighting last?: Approx. 10 min.

What you were doing at the time the sighting occurred?: we were awakened by our dog barking at it and running back and forth in our driveway.

What direction was the object(s) first sighted?: Approx 20% north/nw of our back door, faces north

What was the direction of object(s) flight?:  it was stationary

In what direction was the object(s) headed when it/they disappeared? N/A

How far was the object was from you?: I could not determine the distance, maybe 1 mile.

How high above the ground (AGL) did the object(s) appeared to be?:  200' above the ground

Did the object(s) appear to be the size of (a) a star; (b) a pea;  (c) a marble;  (d) a golf ball;  (e) a softball;  (f) a basketball;  (g) a beach ball:  Unknown

Actual size of object:  Did the Object(s) appear to be the size of (a) a basketball;  (b) a car;  (c) a small plane;  (d) a commercial jet;  (e) the moon;
Looked like a star, white in the center, with colored lights on the points. Looked like a small plane, it was absolutely stationary.

What size (feet or miles), color and shape did the object(s) appear to be:  Unknown

Did the objects have any lights (as in beacon or navigation) and describe appearance and activity of the lights.:  Witness described a white central core with revolving points like that of a 5-pointed star.

Was the flight straight-line, or did the object change directions, hover, descend, ascend, etc.: N/A

What color were the lights (if any). Include intensity, how many, etc.:  The lights on the points were red, blue and green, very bright (at least 5)

How many witnesses and whether they are willing to report the sighting: my wife and i watched it, she went into our house to get a camera, and when she came out it had vanished.

Investigator's notes: I spoke on the phone with this very credible witness.  He stated that the center of the object was white but that it appeared to have points of colored lights about it,  that gave it a 5 pointed star effect.  It was stationary during the entire duration of observation.  His wife went into the house to retrieve the camera but when she returned, the object had disappeared.

After the object disappeared, the dog (which had been extremely agitated), stopped barking and calmed down.

Apparently, weather was not a factor.  The witness claims the skies were clear.  He created a grid using tree branches to determine if the object moved.  It did not.

Although there were a number of bright stars visible in the N/NW, we discussed that possibility but the witness firmly stated that the object was too large to be a star or planet.

Although the object appeared to be only a mile away at the most, no sound was heard.  He stated to me that he is sure it was not a conventional aircraft.

The witness is a trained observer with many years experience.  He is also a licensed pilot.  To protect the witness' identity, I can't reveal any more information.

If you live in the Cosby, Texas area and saw this object, or have seen something similar, please report it.  Thank you.
-Sunny Williams


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