Monday, November 5, 2012

"Ring Cloud" Object Morphs Over Granbury

Ring cloud morphing into a rectangle.
Photo provided by the witness.
Click image to enlarge.

A witness in Granbury reports an unusual UFO sighting.  He reports that he witnessed and photographed a ring cloud, which then morphed into a rectangle.

Granbury, Texas

I was observing the meteor stragglers, from 4:00 Am till sunrise.
Around 5:15 or so, low clouds started to roll in and they were were very spread out.
The closer these clouds got to the Granbury lights, the more they were being illuminated.
I was getting ready to take one more twilight shot, in hopes of randomly catching a meteor (6:02 AM), when I noticed a perfectly round Ring Cloud slowly heading my way but it was still way too faint
for my cameras to pick it up.

This cloud was holding a perfect ringed circle, and all of a sudden it morphed into a perfect Rectangle.
I kept saying: "Oh my God" over and over again, because, this rectangular "ring" cloud did not fall apart at all! I watched the cloud travel across the sky for a solid 25 seconds and kept taking three second twilight exposures the entire time. Finally, after the rectangular cloud traveled across the sky for nearly 30 seconds and also spun in a complete 360 degree circle as well,  the cloud fell apart within a couple of seconds, then disappeared entirely.

I was still standing there, catching bugs with my mouth. Saying: "God, I hope I got that on film."


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