Saturday, November 17, 2012

Photos of Large Unidentified Craft Over Aledo, Texas

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Photos taken in rapid sequence.

One of my colleagues in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, sent me a report and photos of an object he witnessed during an investigation.
Location: Aledo, Texas
Date: Tuesday, November 13,2012
Time: Approximately 4:18 AM.
Direction of Travel: Due South
Speed of Object: Approx. 2,000 mph
Shape of Object: Triangle, Rectangle, Oval, Disc
Summary: Large object, possibly triangular, rectangular or saucer-shaped, moving rapidly across the sky.

Date was 13 November, 2012, at 4:18 AM.

Here are pictures of one of the UFOs, that I witnessed and photographed in Aledo during my 32 hour investigation. This object was huge and was traveling due south.  The glow on the horizon (in photo) is Dallas/Fort Worth. I would guess the speed to be around 2,000 mph.

The three photos that I did manage to take, were exposed at approximately three second intervals. Shutter speed at 6/10ths of a second. to capture as much light as possible.

There was no sound at all and it did not pulse, or change in light configuration; light blue, or purple sections with a red glowing center. Could have been a Saucer seen edge on.

This object was about 5,000 feet above all the airliners and would place it around 40,000 feet up.

The object Did not falter or waiver, make any turns or anything. Simply flew very fast and very steady, on a straight course to the southern horizon.

The craft had more of what I call "Hard Lines" to it.

I checked with the Weather Center and the Ceiling was 55,000 feet, so those clouds were very high up there.

Visibility was to infinity below the clouds, for any aviation controls.

I did see a slight red glow, on the underneath side of the clouds Where the UFO was traveling but the camera did not pick that up. My heart was racing a hundred miles an hour and I had a tough time holding the camera steady.

The house was directly to my right and that is why I could not follow it to the horizon with the camera, though I did run around to the side of the house, to see it travel on out of sight.

This craft traveled from horizon to horizon in about 12 seconds, at roughly 35,000 to 45,000 feet in altitude. My rough guess of 2,000 mph may even be quite conservative.

Whatever it was, it definitely was not not made in Detroit, that's for sure!


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