Friday, November 2, 2012

Fireballs Across Texas

Houston area sighting, image cropped, enhanced.

Houston area sighting

I originally posted about an unusual sighting in Round Rock, Texas, which occurred on October 27, 2012. Since then, I have been receiving emails about the same, or similar sightings.

What these fireballs are, or their purpose (if any), I can't yet determine but I am investigating it.

Here is the link to the original report:

Update! Photos of Meteor-like Objects Over Round Rock, Texas - 10/27/2012

And here are a few of the emails I have recently received:


Taylor, Texas
October 27, 2012


My wife and I both witnessed this from Taylor. We also were seeing one change direction. Originally they were all headed north west from our perspective then the one farthest to the south change to a southerly direction.

I noted them when trying to describe the difference between a chem-trail and a con-trail.

I thought the moved in a uniform speed almost in a staggered sort of formation like jets with a wingman flying to the right rear of the lead but there were 3 for sure that we saw. The third was moving as if a wing man of the second. The last one is the one that changed directions. This is why it struck us the strange way it did.

They had an unusually short trail (comets not likely) \ tail (jets too short for a con trail in my opinion) depending on what it was. They were on the west side of that big chem trail we were both looking at.

I have a recent and extensive background in targeting for air and artillery delivered kinetic effects. I was a forward observer for the field artillery in the US Army so I know what artillery, mortars, and missiles look like in and have been trained on and actually controlled USAF aircraft to drop ordinance on targets from fast and slow moving planes. This did not appear to be either from my training.
[Name withheld by SW/LITS]


Houston, Texas
October 29, 2012; 4:30 pm

Hello, my boyfriend and I spotted 2 very similar ones today as we were walking to our car in our apartment complex. But it wasn't just that! The day before we saw one come straight down in the same side of town and suddenly after watching it for a few minutes it vanished. About a week before that, we saw an exact replica of the light in the sky with the same tail right over us (and again in the exact same side of Houston) in the night sky!

It was around 4:30 central time and on the Spring Branch area in Houston. They actually fell for about 15 minutes, until it looked like the smaller light hit the bigger one and somehow managed to get it to fall straight down. After getting Into our car and trying to keep it in sight, it was a little bit before 5pm that we lost sight of it.
[Name withheld by SW/LITS]


Forney, Texas
November 1, 2012; 7:40 am


A friend and I were standing outside this morning at 7:40, Thursday, November 1st and saw three lights northeast of Forney, Texas.  They actually looking like a plane trail but heading down instead of up or sideways.

I came on here and saw the pictures and that is exactly what we saw but they were headed more vertical and going downwards.  I had my cell but could not get them to show on any pictures but it was a very interesting sight to see.


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  1. I would posit that those photos are of meteors...Either way, interesting blog.


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