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Recent UFO Sightings Reports From Texas- 2/11/2012


Below are recent UFO sightings reports from Texas, which were submitted to MUFON.

These reports are "as is", with no corrections.

Goldthwaite, Texas

Bright light in SW over golf course
I saw a bright light over the golf course around 7pm that had not been there before. Again at 10pm, the light had moved closer to directly overhead. There was no sound.There was a triangle shape around the object light with many different colors coming from it. Many bright blue lights twinkled around it also.


Odessan, Texas

witness what at first i thougth was a star.
i was at work checking a building after making my round i went to get back in my truck when i looked to the east of my position and saw what at first i thought my have been a star. It was just past sun set and the even star was already up. which is what i thoutght i was seeing. but then the light begin to move south to north i then thought it might have been an aircraft looked like the landing light of a plane] as there is a small air field near by and MAF (Midland Airfield) about 25 land miles from where i was. i begin watching looking for marker lights red / green anti-colesion that would normal be on. i saw none of these. the object then made a slow trun to the east about this time at a higher alt. i saw an airplane. while watching the object after the trun it appeared to just fade out as if some one had trun off a dimmer switch.


Round Rock, TX

bright low moving star that went from west to east then at a fast rate of speed went up at a 45 degree angle out of he atmosphere.
came home and let my dogs out on he back porch and step out in the grass for he puppy and was waiting on her to use restroom.I always look at the sky and was looking around and notice the star moving from he west. as i started to pay more attention I could tell that it was very low in the sky and very bright it was a solid white with not flashing plane lights or no twinkle like a regular star.It moved very slow right over me and I noticed as it was right above me I could tell that I kind of swayed as it moved in its path. as it went more towards the east it then went up and at a 45 degree angle at what i would have to say at a fast unnoticable speed if that makes since meaning you could tell it went out of the atmosphere quicky but not like a blink of an eye speed nor was it very slow to leave it was just like you could tell it was quicker than the way it was traveling from east to west.I was amazing.


Texas (Exact location unknown)

Get out of movie, heading home saw a bright white light followed by 3 helio, then they began search pattern.
Coming out of the movies with my wife, and on the way home I saw one very bright light not moving. First I thought it was an airplane but something was not right. Then it move quick to the north which is strange because most planes move south to land at airport. After that saw 3-4 helios. in formation going after it then in a search pattern after 5 mins.

Source: MUFON

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  1. I am moving to Stephensville, TX soon. While I am sceptical and believe that the easiest answer is usually the right one, I am also open minded enough to want to stay informed. I want to know where the best place is online to keep up with local reports in Stephensville. I lived in rural Florida and saw enough weird stuff in the sky to be interested. I think what is probably happening is that the area being in a dirrect line from the AF base, is seeing new military technology. It makes sense that any triangle aircraft which doesn't make noise is stealth technology. The air ops are probably trying to test catching these things with conventional jets. I would HOPE so anyway! It is known that the Soviets and others are working on improving Stealth. I want to believe we are keeping on top of the advancing technology! It is reasurring to think so anyway and they certainly would NEVER admit to it for classified reasons and rightly so. We don't want every country in the world to know exactly what we do know and don't know about technological advancements for our own sake, right? That makes sense! Drones and other aircraft are being put into action all over the world and we need to know how it works, advance it and make sure we can catch theirs and they cannot catch ours. Noiseless and undetectable aircraft are a must now all over the world. It would be stupid if we are not testing these things. I am certain UFO sightings have led many Aircraft designers to push the limits of what is possible all over the world. I am sure we would be absolutly shocked at what is going on overhead. Up in Fort Worth, Police aircraft Drones are overhead each night. That to me was shocking when I found out. Who knows what they see. I keep thinking of those Sci Fi movies where this little aircraft catches a robber by confronting him at ground level after spotting him a mile overhead. Spooky and strange from the view point of kids who grew up in the 50's and 60's. Who would have EVER believed this possible back then? I am glad they catch robbers, I just hope they can't spy on me watching TV at night or something even creepier. We are living in an advanced technological age. We WILL see more and more seemingly imposible things in our skies as the years go on. We KNOW they tested saucer shapes in the 60's. Was this influenced by our own imagination or real extraterrestrial sightings? Both? Who knows. It is worth watching and I would like to know what is happening overhead in my new home. Please let me know of any websights or clubs in Stephensville, Bluffdale or Granbury ect. Thank you!!!


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